A New Busy Week

Aaaand it’s Monday again. Another busy week ahead. After a 3 month hiatus from the gym, it was time to get back to it. I take summers off because I am too busy chasing around my daughter, but boy, can I feel the difference! I am looking for a new gym. My old gym lost their best class instructor almost a year ago and hasn’t replaced him. It’s a total bummer and although I have asked a number of times, they don’t appear to be making much effort to replace him – or the many classes he taught. Time to move on! Soooo, today I tried a water aerobics class at a new gym and it was just alright. Very good workout – my sore arms are proof of that. The class only had 5 older women, so it was not what I am used to, which is a class of usually 50 people in 2 large pools. The average age of the ladies today was about 65 and they were all staring at me. I could feel their eyes on me as I walked in. “Who’s the chippy in the bikini?”, I could imagine them thinking. At least they made me feel young! Of course, I had seen another woman a few years younger than me (maybe, maybe not) in the locker room giving me the up down. A few moments later, I saw her come into the pool, presumably to swim laps, in a one piece with the bottom hiked up her backside. You see it all in the gym.

Today the landscapers were here to fix the yard that got torn up when our septic tank was replaced. Hopefully this is our final home repair of the year.

Tonight is the first PTO meeting of the school year. Tomorrow I’m going to try a kickboxing class. I’ll be lucky if I make it 15 minutes. Stay tuned…

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