A Serious Post for A Serious Day

September 11 – I never like this day. Such a horrific day in our nation’s history. I still look at the clock at 9:11 every morning and every evening. It’s very difficult for me to talk to my child about it, but when I broke down during our tour of the Pentagon this summer, I had to explain why. When we went to New York a few years ago, I couldn’t bring myself to tour the memorial.

Where were you at 9:11 on September 11? We all remember where we were. I had just sat down at my desk at Arthur Andersen on the 20th floor of my building downtown, as it was 8:11 Central time. The woman from the mailroom came by and said someone flew a plane into one of the towers. Our first thought was “who could have made such a mistake?” We piled into conference rooms and turned on the TV’s, only to watch in horror as the second plane hit. Then we heard about the Pentagon and started to think the  world was coming to an end. My boss, who frequently traveled internationally, was in Europe at the time. He would end up being stuck there for a week and I spent my entire week trying to find a way to get him home. Naturally, none of us wanted to be on the 20th floor of a skyscraper in those frightening moments, so we had the option to go home. Having no children at the time, I just wanted to be with my husband, so I left as quick as I could and drove to his office, eventually spending the rest of the day and evening in horror watching it all play out on TV just as everyone else did.

Please take a moment to remember those who lost their lives that day, and take an extra moment to hug those you love a little bit tighter and tell them you love them.

May we never forget.

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