Kickboxing kicked my ass today. In my quest for a new gym, I tried the kickboxing class today. I’m on a 4-day pass at this gym to see if I like it. I’m not sure if I do or not. First of all, I don’t like change. I’ve been at my club for 3 years. Secondly, they require a 1 year contract. I don’t like gym contracts. We are moving next spring, and although they say that they will let me out of the fee if I leave early, will they really? It’s also out of the way. I have to drive my daughter to school and then come back home (a 40 minute round trip). Then drive another 15 minutes to the gym. My current gym is only 5 minutes from school, but it isn’t offering classes I want at the time I want. This is my reason for looking around. The pool at this new place is really small (like 6 people can fit in it) and most of what I do is water aerobics. The kickboxing class was pretty good, but the instructor CRANKED the music so loud, I needed earplugs. Seriously. She wore a microphone so she could give us instructions and I couldn’t hear her over the music. If I wasn’t getting a headache from the music, I may have enjoyed it more. I also didn’t care for all the shuffling. I’m not as light on my feet as I thought. I love kickboxing classes because they really whip you into shape, but it’s mostly the punching and jabbing I like, not the shuffling and bouncing. I realized today that I liked them a lot more at 30 than I do at 50.

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