PTO Meeting

PTO Meetings… Come on parents, you know what I’m going to say before I even say it. First of all, school has been on for exactly one week and they are already holding the first PTO meeting. Seriously? Secondly, the only reason I went is because my daughter begged me to go. “PLEASE mommy, I want you to be on the PTO this year”. I was heavily involved in the PTO at her previous school when she was in 2nd grade. To the point that I almost lost my shit. Ever since, she has wanted me to be on the PTO again. We have transferred to a school that is a 40 minute round trip drive, and most days, after 2 trips per day, my brain is just too tired to drive a third time to sit through a PTO meeting.

Well, today I determined that I would do it. Of course, I don’t know a single person at this school. Middle school has started this year and 95% of her friends went to the other middle school, which means 95% of the parents I know are also at the other middle school. So, I had to put on the makeup and a cute outfit, but not too cute. Don’t want to look like Fancy Nancy, but don’t want to look like I just fell off the treadmill either. Anyone who has been to a PTO meeting knows exactly what you’ll get at one of these things. The Board is always the same people who have been the Board since their kids started 5K. They will always be the Board until their kids inevitably graduate. Of course, the principal is there. You score major bonus points with her if you show up for one of these meetings, you know. Then you have the lady who volunteers for everything and expresses her opinion on virtually every topic. I was sitting right next to her. There are also the pack of ladies who look totally bored and just want to go out and have a cigarette, and the couple who can’t go anywhere without each other. Where do I fit in that group? Hmmm. Well, I do have a desire to help out, I’m just not a huge fan of meetings. If they want me to volunteer at an event or sell some raffle tickets or cookie dough, I’m all over it. I don’t really want to get over my head like I did a few years ago, but I do want to do my part. I’ll commit to it a lot more once I actually live in town and cut down my driving. I promise.

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