All is well at school

Well, the Associate Principal returned my call just as I was walking out the door for school pick-up today. He completely understood all the issues the 5th graders are facing as new students. He also has a daughter with a summer birthday and understands being one of the younger kids in the class, and how being a little on the immature side can make every frustration seems a whole lot bigger. I was grateful he shared this perspective because it’s not easy. He told me that they are having conversations with the 5th graders to help them acclimate, so hopefully those will happen soon. He told me to assure her that she will not be counted as tardy if she walks into class late after using the restroom. (I already told her that last night, but why listen to good old mom?!) I told her I would time her today after school to see how long it takes her in the bathroom, as I know it only takes her a minute. It took less than a minute!! Ha ha! Oh my! The things we all take for granted that we don’t have to worry about as adults. It makes me feel soooo bad that these kinds of worries even have to cross her mind. Also, when I picked her up today, she said she had a much better day today than yesterday. Thank goodness!

As far as my quest to try out this new gym, I tried another water aerobics class today. While I enjoyed the workout, I did not enjoy the choice of music by the instructor. She played Doris Day, Frank Sinatra, and Patsy Cline! Really? Not exactly pump-you-up, motivating, workout kind of music. Also, I’m not 80. Luckily, I didn’t fall asleep in the pool and drown. Patsy Cline is what my grandma used to listen to, who, bless her heart would be 98 if she were still alive. I don’t think I’m going to join that particular club. I think I’m going to stick where I am for now.

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