Frustration has set in

I am having a serious case of mom frustration. Everything frustrates me right now. I am in a big funk. I’m having a hard time adjusting to the back to school schedule. I don’t like getting up at 6:30 a.m. Too early. I don’t like my 40 minute commute to/from school twice per day. It sucks! And it’s only the 7th day of school! Last night over dinner our daughter told us that there is no time to go to the bathroom during the school day, that’s why she isn’t drinking any water. They only have 3 minutes to move between classes and she is deathly afraid of being marked tardy if she stops to use the bathroom. She can get a hall pass and be excused from class, but they can only have a certain amount per quarter or they get in trouble. Really? If you gotta go, you gotta go. What happens when these poor girls get their period in a couple years?! They also only have a 15 minute lunch and 15 minute recess. Her lunch bag comes home half full because she doesn’t have time to eat her lunch. The poor girl is ready to chew off her hand every day! I mean seriously – a 15 MINUTE LUNCH!! Give me a break! Make the school day 15 minutes longer and let them eat and get a little more fresh air. Good grief! I’m really pissed, in case you can’t tell. Actually, I’m just really upset that she is upset. It makes me sad that she feels like she can’t have time to use the bathroom. I think 5th grade is much too young for middle school and this proves that they are not ready for it. They are trying to make them grow up too fast.

In addition, these tiny 5th graders have to carry a TON of stuff with them all day. A giant 3-ring binder, a Chromebook, a 5-subject notebook, a bunch of folders, a pencil case, and an art box. And they CAN’T carry their backpacks! Why on Earth can they not carry their backpacks if they have to lug all this stuff around? How stupid is that? Needless to say, I have a call in to the principal to find out if Hailey is correct about all this or misunderstanding something. I hope it’s a misunderstanding, because right now I’m pissed. It’s not helping that I left a message 3 hours ago either. Since I’m not one of those famous housewives who yells at everyone, I will be nice and hopefully find out how to solve the situation.

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