The Melting Boy

My daughter asked me if I wrote about “the melting boy” on my blog yet. Why no, actually, I forgot. Thanks for the reminder sweetie. Oops, she’s sorry she opened her mouth.

Last Friday, she has a field trip for school and I chaperoned. On the way out of school at the end of the day, this boy said “hi” to her and had the most dreamy look on his face I have ever seen. I looked back and forth between them with this look on my face like “is this boy looking at MY daughter?” I thought he was going to melt into a puddle right there in the hallway, just like Olaf in Frozen in front of a fireplace. Of course, Hailey always says she likes boys best when they leave her alone. Good girl. Stay that way until you are about 18. Please. It turns out this boy is her new bestie’s 6th grade brother (an older man no less), and he had been wanting to meet Hailey. Oh geez, there had literally been 3 days of school at that point! I asked her today if she has been running into him after school. She said she has been hiding from him and his googly eyes! Ha ha! PRICELESS! 

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