Plantar Fasciitis

Has anyone ever had plantar fasciitis? This is the second time I have had it and it is excruciating! I’ve been suffering for over 3 months now, ever since we went to Washington DC in June and put probably 30 miles on our feet. We likely saw everything there was to see there, but at the expense of my feet. I guess I wasn’t joking when I said my feet would never be the same. My heels ache so badly, any pressure on them is painful. The doctor asked me today on a scale of 1-10 what was the pain level. I told him it was a 9. They hurt when I stand, walk, and driving the car is the absolute worst. Sometimes even just sitting still hurts. It’s like someone is holding a match under my heels. The last time I had this was about 3 years ago and he gave me some exercises that didn’t help. He said he could give me a steroid injection, but I opted for the exercises. It took a full year before I felt better. I sucked it up all summer because I didn’t want to ruin summer for my daughter, but I made the earliest appointment I could get with the podiatrist, which was today. He told me I could try physical therapy, which I hate, twice a week for 8 weeks. I was looking for immediate relief. This time I opted for the injection, although I was sweating like crazy once that 3 inch needle came near my feet. Injections in both feet is not my cup of tea, but we’ll see if it kicks in. Unfortunately, he told me that oftentimes there is a “steroid surge” where it hurts worse in the first 3 days. Great! I think I may be having a little of that right off the bat, because I can’t put any weight on my left foot. He did tell me to let my family do everything for me this weekend and keep my feet up. I’ll be sure to pass that along. Doctor’s orders.

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