Aqua Cardio

Today I went to my ultra most favorite class at the gym – Aqua Cardio. If only it started a little earlier than 11:45. I was ready to chew off my hand by 12:15. It is taught by Dalfim, one of the fitness pros. He is 35 and in awesome shape. He is one of those guys that does stuff like the Ironman and something called “The Suck”. He travels all over to do these things. He’s not bulky and huge, but he could squash you like a grape. And he’s a super nice guy. I’d love to use him as a trainer, but I think he would kill me. He plays awesome music and really gets into it. When he played “Macho Man”, he was jumping all over the place. He throws his styrofoam weights in the air, and best of all, he actually does the workout with us. Most of the instructors show us the exercise, then just stand there until it’s time to change to a different move. That’s annoying. He’s sweating right along with us.

Today when we were doing the “Twist”, I saw some of the older ladies across the pool checking out Dalfim’s butt. And when he was jumping around to “Macho Man”, they were actually giddy. Those old ladies were really checking out the menu. You know that McDonald’s commercial when the old lady is knitting the landscaper a sweater? That’s what these ladies remind me of. Oh well, they can look, they aren’t dead.

At one point, a very skinny older gentleman with a very hairy chest walked out of the men’s locker room and started dancing to the music as he walked to the hot tub. It was hysterical! I love that he did that in front of 2 pools full of women! Hilarious! About 10 minutes later, he caught my eye walking back getting down to another song. OMG! I threw my arms out of the water, clapped and cheered for him.

At the end of class, the lady I was talking to suddenly lost an earring. About 5 of us were trying to help her find it. She got her toe on it, but couldn’t get it. Of course, no one wanted to get their hair wet. We tried to get it with a net, but it was too flat. Finally, a man with some goggles came and tried to dive for it. At first he did nothing but float, so she dragged it with her toe to the shallow end, and he was able to get it. I’ve never had so much excitement in a pool class before. What a day!

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