I Do Wear Heels… Occasionally

I admit it, I do wear heels. But only on special occasions, which is about 2 or 3 times per year. Certainly not around the house, like those housewives on TV. I have a closet full of them, as I used to wear them every day when I worked. No wonder my feet hurt all the time. Last night my husband and I went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant to celebrate our anniversary, so I put on some heels. This week we will celebrate 21 years. He requested a quiet spot and we got a small, private dining room with only 4 tables. Luckily for us, only 2 other tables were seated and they were nearly finished by the time we sat down and we wound up having the entire dining room to ourselves the rest of the evening. The waitress even shut one of the doors! People kept looking in when they walked by, probably wondering why only 2 people were in there alone. I said it was too bad we didn’t have sunglasses with us. We could have pretended we were famous.

We finished our dinner much too early to go home considering we had a sitter, so we headed for the casino for a bit. We plugged a $20 into a slot machine and turned it into $48, but those darn machines have a way of making you think you just might win more. Eventually cashed it out at $15. Oh well, we got an hour of entertainment out of it and only lost $5. We saw the guy next to us digging in his pocket for more money several times in frustration, so I guess we weren’t doing too bad. Jeff played a little slot machine poker and lost about $3. Thankfully, they now have a non-smoking area or we would have never set foot in the place. The place was packed and as we were leaving at 10:45 so we could relieve our sitter, people were flowing in. I was tired and ready for bed. Long gone are the college days when we were just going out at 10:00. The old married couple was home by 11:30. That’s alright, I much prefer it this way.

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