From Ugh to Blech!

While last week zipped by in a flash, this week is crawling by like a snail. From my migraine induced ER visit on Monday, I have now been reduced to a sneezing, nose-blowing mom with my throat on fire. I either have strep throat or the beginning of bronchitis. Ugh! Why? Why? Why does this have to happen every single year when school starts? Grrrr, I thought I was going to survive this school year. Nope, woke up feeling sinusey yesterday morning and just knew it was coming. My head still hurt yesterday morning, so I was smart and didn’t push myself. I dropped off my daughter at school and came straight home and did nothing all day. I watched some shows I TiVo’d and I am polishing off Jennifer Weiner books at a rapid rate. Finished one book and started another. I don’t dare to lay down and take a nap in fear that I will sleep through afternoon pick-up. The most exciting thing I did today was throw something in the crockpot and answer the door when the bee guy came to spray for hornets. Whoopee!

At least my husband arrived home from Dallas last night. It makes everything more right in my world. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel a little better. You never realize how good you really feel until you run into the brick wall and get sick.

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