Adventures in Swim Lessons

Today was the first day of a new season of swim lessons for my daughter. She hates swim lessons. At least she hates the idea of swim lessons. She grumbles about it for weeks prior and drags her feet until my husband is walking out the door without her. This year her lesson is a full hour later than it was last year and she STILL could not get herself ready on time. Seriously?! I went in her room at 9:00 and she was playing a computer game. I told her she better get ready and have some breakfast because she had to leave in an hour. [Insert grumble.] “OMG, last year you would have had to be in the car by this time!” Once she gets there she is completely fine and she loves the instructor. She loved being able to swim in the deep end this summer and I want her to be a strong swimmer, so she’s going. I don’t know why she has to make such a big deal out of it. She is my little drama queen, that’s for sure. I’m putting her up for an Oscar. Surely someday she will make her way to Hollywood. I just know it. Anyhow, by the time she finally made it downstairs, she literally had 15 minutes to eat breakfast. Yepper, she ended up taking part of it in the car with her. Ugh! My husband takes her to the lesson (thank goodness), and he is standing there staring at her wondering if she is going in her stocking feet or if she is ever going to put her shoes on. She is an artist at delaying getting out of the house. She has absolutely no concept of appointments. I often wonder if she can actually tell time or ever even looks at a clock for that matter.

They get to the gym, which is where I am a member. I have a gift certificate that I got several months ago. I have been saving it to use for swim lessons. I told him to make sure he uses it (even though he nearly walked out the door without it). Of course, the girl at the desk has no record of Hailey’s swim lesson or the instructor or anything. That place is THE most unorganized gym in America. I swear! This happens every single time we start a new session. Luckily, they let her go take the lesson and I have to pay next time I am in. (I have been sick all week otherwise I would have taken care of it this week.) Do you see now why I say there is never a dull moment around here? Truly, I’m not kidding.

Later on I found out about the locker room… Hailey went in to use the bathroom. Oh no. I put my face in my hands as soon as she started talking because I knew no good could come from what she was possibly going to say. There is a Zumba class prior to her lesson. Thankfully her lesson is no longer during the class because the old ladies always run into her and get mad because there is a kid in the pool. As if she isn’t entitled to be taking a private swim lesson during their class. Those old ladies are only supposed to take up 2/3 of the pool and swim lessons are supposed be open for 1/3 of the pool. I pay a lot of money for those lessons, so those old women better stay out of her way. Anyhow, back to the locker room… Hailey goes into the bathroom, and an older women is using the restroom with the door wide open! Oh my gosh! WHY would anyone do that?!!!!!? Hailey rushed past her and used the bathroom. She also saw another older lady with a towel wrapped around her waist, whose bottom was covered up in the back, but not in the front, if you know what I mean. And her breasts were touching the towel at her waist. Hailey said “you know how you told me you can’t un-see things?” I told her not to go in there anymore and stick to the private bathrooms from now on. She’s much too young for the locker room after an aqua Zumba class.

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