Trigger Point Injections

Every 6 weeks I got see my neurologist that treats me for migraines to get trigger point injections. I get approximately 20 shots in the back of my head, neck, and shoulders. They hurt like a bitch and my head goes numb all the way to the top of my head for several hours. It’s not fantastic, but it really helps. I have had migraines for 26 years and used to get them nearly every day. Now it is much more manageable and I only get about 6 or 7 per month, sometimes more, sometimes less. (Less if I’m really lucky.)

My appointment today was at 1:00 and I was freaking out a little bit as I walked in because the office was packed. There were 3 people ahead of me in line, and 4 people behind me. I have never seen that many people in line before. I literally took the last seat in the waiting room. I was freaking out because I wondered if the doctor was running on schedule and I had to leave no later than 2:15 in order to make the drive to school on time. It was about 1:15 and suddenly I see the doctor walk out the door. Where is he going, I wonder? I hope it’s not time for his lunch break. All of a sudden he walks over to me and tells me that he noticed I checked in quite some time ago (I was 15 minutes early), and no one came out to bring me back. He says “come with me, I’ll bring you back”. Never before has a doctor ever taken me back to a treatment room himself! He said he had been waiting for me for 15 minutes and he doesn’t like to waste time. He is a very particular doctor. He likes things to be done in just a certain way and if his nurses don’t do it his way, he gets very irritated. I’m pretty sure someone got in trouble for failing to bring me in today. Oops! At first I thought he was a little too serious for me, but now that I’ve gotten to know him I like him much better. We have conversations while he’s shooting steroids into my head. He asks me about my family, vacations, etc. You really just have to talk to them like regular people I guess. Here’s to hoping for no headaches for a few weeks.

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