So Irritating

What do you do when you are annoyed with literally every single thing? Besides cry? I am so annoyed with Hailey’s school, I can’t even stand it. I would like to pull her out and home school her. I’m really starting to debate whether I want to build a house in that city and get stuck there until she graduates after all. The middle school is a brand new school, but honestly they just took the old middle school and moved everyone to the new school. They are so unorganized it seems as though these people have never run a school before. First of all, they are making these poor little 5th graders grow up way too fast. Too many rules forcing them to act the same as the 8th graders. They have to carry around these gigantic 3-inch binders, a Chromebook, along with all their folders and notebooks, and art box, etc, without a backpack. All the other grades were given a nice carrying case for their Chromebooks, but nope, not the 5th graders, they just carry it in their tiny arms along with all the other loads of crap. I finally bought Hailey a messenger bag to carry it in. I said I dare anyone to tell her she can’t carry the bag. I’ll fucking slap them if they do. My biggest gripe about their lack of organization is that they have all these great clubs after school, but they cannot manage to let anyone in on the big secret as to when the meetings are until the day OF the meeting. They tell the students in the morning announcements. And the kids can’t use their phones during the school day to let their parents know they want to stay after school. Those are the kids who have phones, mine does not. Tell me how this makes sense. I drive 20 minutes one way to pick my kid up from school. I’m already sitting in the parking lot for 10 minutes before the bell rings. IF she had a phone, she can’t even use it until the bell rings. So, she’s supposed to wait to tell me she wants to stay after school when I’m already sitting there waiting for her?!?! I don’t think so. I’m not driving all the way back home and then turning around an hour later and coming back. And I’m sure as hell not sitting in the parking lot for an hour. There is nothing near the school to do to kill time either. Wouldn’t it make just a wee bit more sense to actually send out a list of the activities and when they are going to meet AHEAD of time so parents and students have some advance notice? Oh wait, that makes too much sense. What am I thinking? UGH!!!!!  My other serious annoyance with this school is the gym teacher. She told the kids that they will be going outside for gym unless it is under 35 degrees. Seriously?! Well, I guess I’ll plan on my kid being sick all year. Also, if they miss a class, they have to make it up. Wait for it… it gets better. They have to make up the gym class at 7:20 in the morning, before school starts. It will be a cold day in hell before I bring my kid to school 40 minutes early for GYM class. I’m sorry, but who makes up a gym class. It’s not math or science. These people that go to college to get a degree in gym. Give me a break. “yeah, I went to college to get my Bachelor’s degree in phy ed. I’m a stud”. Whatever. Move out of your hometown and get a life. Grrr, I hate this school.

The other thing that I am super annoyed with is my health club. They keep adding all these new classes, but do you think they can add any classes that I’ve been looking for? Nope. Now I don’t expect them to add anything just for me, but there are a ton of people who do the aqua classes that have been literally begging to have more aqua classes added. The guy who taught about 60 classes a week quit a full year ago and they never replaced him. It has been a YEAR. They keep making up excuses, but they aren’t making any attempt to replace him. It’s really pathetic. They keep announcing new classes left and right, but it’s all HIIT, spinning, guts and butts, etc. I don’t want to do that shit. I’m a middle aged woman. I would like to do some kickboxing or Tai Chi, or even some NIA, but they think spinning and Zumba are all the rage. They really only give a crap about the clientele who are aged 25-30. They don’t care about the “older” crowd. But, I’ll tell you what, when I am there in the morning, there is not one single person there who is under 40. Maybe they ought to listen to us.

My last annoyance (for today anyhow), is that we have spent months and months working with a builder for a new house. They finally came back to us with a few changes that we were really excited about. Then they gave us the price. No longer excited. Way too high. We are back to square one and looking for other builders, new designs, and hoping we find someone with the same quality. We are frustrated and tired.

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