My Kid’s Room is a Pigsty

I cleaned my daughter’s bedroom today and boy, was it a pigsty. Gotta love the girl, but she’s a slob and I couldn’t stand to look at it anymore. Every week I ask her to clean her room. She gets $2 per week to clean her room. $5 if she does other chores around the house. I repeatedly tell her if she simply keeps her room clean, she will earn $2 for doing absolutely nothing. All she has to do is just put away whatever she uses in the spot it belongs after she uses it. If she did this every time, her room would stay clean. Doesn’t this sound logical? It does to me, but apparently not to a child’s mind. It would seem like a pretty simple way to make a quick $2 per week. Well, today I cleaned her disgusting room and you wouldn’t believe the amount of tiny scraps of paper I found everywhere! She cuts little pieces of paper to write on and then she keeps the scraps. “I don’t want to waste them”, she says. Really?! Throw them away!!!! OMG! She keeps so much stupid junk. She has more crayons, markers, and colored pencils than they stock at Target. I wish I were joking. She also has more notepads, journals, and composition notebooks than I can explain. Lots of trees have died to fill up all those notebooks. She loves to write notes and stories. She’s going to be a writer or an artist, but she surely won’t do anything that has to do with organizing!

She came home and said “stop cleaning my room, now there are 7 things I can’t find”. First of all, I haven’t cleaned her room since at least May before school ended. Secondly, you probably can’t find them because I threw them away. (I did this while she was at school – insert evil laugh.) I told her to keep it clean herself and she won’t have this problem. I further informed her that there is no chance of her earning $2 this week because I have already done her job for her. Furthermore, going forward any time her room is not clean by the end of the weekend, she now owes ME $2. Yep, that’s how I roll. Additionally, if she can’t show some responsibility to at least keep her room clean, I’ll assume she can’t possibly be responsible for that phone she keeps begging for. End of story, so stop asking for it. Yes, that’s how I roll.

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