Busy Day

Today was a busy (and somewhat normal) day. I went to the gym (yeah me)! I didn’t even make any attempt to chicken out. I’ll admit I wasn’t happy with the lady who said she hasn’t seen me for months and went on and on when I told her my mom passed away. She eventually said “I assume you don’t want to talk about it”. Nope, I sure don’t.

I did a bunch of scrapbooking this afternoon and got quite a few pages done. I got all the pages finished from my vow renewal and it turned out really cute. I’m anxious to get myself caught up, so I can start working on the pictures of my ancestors.

Our holiday cards and calendars came today from Shutterfly. I’d like to think I will be early and write out those cards, but I will do them on Thanksgiving as usual.

Tonight a builder we have been working with came over to show us a proposal to build us a house. We decided we had better compare a couple builders before we made a final decision. The guy who came over tonight was too expensive by several thousand dollars, so we are going with the original plan, which is the house we like better anyhow. Now the goal is to sell our house in the spring so we can get this whole thing done!

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