Keeping Busy

The last few days have been busy. Friday morning we woke up to a couple inches of snow. Much too early for snow around here, but now it is nearly melted. As far as I’m concerned, a white Christmas is all we need, then it can go away and spring can come. I hate snow and cold weather. I had a lot to do inside on Friday, so I didn’t even set foot outdoors once I saw that nasty white stuff. (Although it was pretty on the trees.) I did laundry, paid bills, scrapbooked, and stashed away all my daughters warm weather clothes. Definitely no need for those now. I rearranged her closet so the sweaters are front and center. Maybe most of them will get worn this year and not be hanging there with the tags still on them come spring. Ugh… girls. It’s about 35 degrees and she is outside on her scooter right now. Never mind that she is just getting over a cold. She did the same thing last weekend and refused to wear a hat and gloves. I told her she was going to get sick. She didn’t listen and guess what? By noon on Sunday, she was sick. Yes, I know, getting cold doesn’t make you sick, but it doesn’t help when you are a kid in school with constant germs floating around. Schools are petrie dishes. Well, she’s better now, so she is back to being invincible. Until the next cold.

Saturday we went to two craft fairs. One was at our church and it was quite good. Much larger than last year. I got a bunch of DoTerra essential oils. I love that stuff. The lady was selling it a wholesale prices. Excellent! I also discovered some sugar scrub and lanolin for my daughter for her dry skin. Her hands get horribly dry this time of year and she has stubborn spots of excema on the back of her legs. The dermatologist has given her 4 or 5 different medications. Some work for awhile and some don’t work at all. They are steroids, which I don’t like putting on my kid. I’m anxious to have her try this in her next shower. I just have to remind her to use it. She’s a little stubborn and will accuse me of nagging her most likely. I swear, she is 10 going on 16. She’s already got that teenager attitude going.

This morning we went to church. It’s the first time I’ve been able to go since my mom passed. I made it until the silent prayers and I prayed for healing and understanding for myself. And then I started crying. But I was there, and I’m getting out of the house much more often. The days are getting a little easier and a little more normal and I’m grateful. Thank you to those who continue to read my blog. I can see I don’t have as many readers. I guess I’ve been Debbie Downer lately, but I’m trying. Thank you for reading and for those who have sent comments. I appreciate it.

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