Cell Phone Woes

I got my daughter a cell phone on Black Friday. Against my better judgement. As I mentioned, I only got it because we drive 20 minutes to school and last week I was very late picking her up. She is in a lot of activities, and I feel better about her having one so she can call me if they end early or when they are announced just that morning. Plus, she’s been bugging the crap out of me for a year! Ha ha!

Anyhow, I have had to threaten to take it back pretty much every much every day since she got it. Big surprise. It is helping control the sassy mouth though, because all I have to do if she gives me the mouth is say “hand over that phone”. I have so much more power now! [Insert evil laugh.]

Since yesterday when school resumed and her bestie found about the new phone, she seems to think that Hailey has nothing better to do than gab after school. She keeps calling and calling… and calling. She literally called Hailey tonight 5 times while she was in the shower tonight. Yes, FIVE times! Hailey had the phone in the bathroom with her, or I would have marched up there and answered the phone and said “stop calling”, but I don’t want to be that mom. Hailey even came out of the shower and said “she keeps calling me”. I told her to text her that she doesn’t have time to talk because she has homework to do. I also said that she is going to need to talk to her at school tomorrow and tell her that she can’t talk on school nights. I’m not listening to that phone ring every single night. She usually has at least 2 hours of homework every night and that is taking priority over phone calls.

And yes, before you even begin to comment… I was on the phone too, but not until high school and not until my homework was done. And I was stuck in the kitchen attached to a cord. No phone in my room. No cordless phone. And certainly no cell phone where I could run away and get an ounce of privacy. Times have changed, I’ll roll with it, but not every night. And homework and a shower comes first. Priorities. At least she is agreeable about it… for now.

2 thoughts on “Cell Phone Woes

  1. She has to turn it off and leave it downstairs at bedtime also. Surprisingly, she was completely annoyed that her friend kept calling. I was impressed! She’s going to tell her friend today not to call so much.


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