RIP President Bush

I’m saddened when I watched the news coverage of President George H.W. Bush tonight. I know he was ill, and 94 years is a good long life, but it still makes me sad. I wonder about the many things he must have seen and done in all those years. He must have had some life. And he also had many challenges. None of us can possibly imagine what it must be like to be President. This past summer we went to Washington DC for vacation and we toured the White House Visitors Center and saw many historical Presidential items and quotes by former Presidents describing what a tough and lonely job it was. Imagine the criticism they must deal with. I surely wouldn’t want to do it. I believe if you’re not going to step up, keep your mouth shut.

I was really sad when I saw a Facebook post from a local radio station about his death today and a number of comments followed. Most were pleasant, but many were awful. One person simply said she wasn’t a fan. But one person said that he wasn’t with his wife Barbara, he was playing poker with Sadam Hussein. Seriously?! That absolutely disgusted me that someone would say that. I don’t care what your political views are, the man has passed away, have a shred of decency and respect. He was a President of the United States.

I know exactly where George Bush is, he has crossed the Pearly Gates and is in the arms of his beloved Barbara, his wife of an amazing 73 years. He is once again with his daughter, Robin, who died as a child. My prayers go out to his family. He has left a long legacy and will be remembered forever. May he rest in peace.

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