Massive Cleaning

The new year has started off with some massive house cleaning. I’ve been working room by room trying to clean out all the stuff we don’t need any longer. I’ve been on a spree of getting rid of stuff. If it’s not nailed down, it’s gone. Our garbage man is going to love us this week. We also have lots and lots of unneeded stuff for a summer rummage sale. Here’s the bad part… I think we are going to end up actually moving all the stuff for the rummage sale. I’m not sure we will still live here when it is warm enough for a sale. I really hate to move all that stuff. But, given the option, I would rather move it than still be waiting for the house to sell come summer.

Yesterday I spent 3-1/2 hours on my daughter’s bedroom while she was at school. She is a major packrat. She must get this from her grandma. She keeps every little scrap of paper if she only uses part of it for a project. I appreciate that she doesn’t want to waste it, but seriously, she doesn’t need to keep a 2×2 inch piece of paper. She has enough crayons, colored pencils, markers, and notepads to supply Office Max. She also has a collection of Shopkins, squishies, bouncy balls, and marbles. Try to pry any of them out of her hands. I dare you. I cleared out all the junk and put the rest in a giant pile for us to sort through together. Today we went through the pile and she was pretty good about getting rid of things she doesn’t play with anymore. I had to twist her arm on a few items, but overall, she was very mature.

All I have left is the master bedroom and the storage area in the basement. Everything else is done. I’ve been a real whirlwind around here over the last 7 days. Now it just has to stay this clean! That’s the hard part.

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