Casino Night

My husband had his holiday party at work last night. They delay it until January every year, which is kind of nice because everyone is too busy to fit in another party in December. Plus it give us something to do on the dull, cold nights of January. They do a casino night and it’s adults only. Also fun because it gives us an excuse to hire a sitter and have a night out. They have an excellent chef at his office and they serve “heavy appetizers”. If you call chicken wings, ribs, ravioli, meatballs, veggies & dip, turkey wraps, taco dip, shrimp, and guacamole & chips appetizers… I call it a meal. I was stuffed by the time I was done. I never did see the dessert table.

The casino area was just like a regular casino, with a DJ. We were given 10 tickets to turn in for chips. One ticket got us $100 worth of chips. Throughout the night the DJ would call out that if you danced to the next song, you would get $100 in chips. My husband was embarrassed by my dancing. I don’t get out much. We played roulette all night. Not a game I would ever dare to play with real money. I played my birthdate and my mom’s birthdate each time, amongst a few other numbers. My mom’s birthdate hit 4 times!! Another indication my mom is always with me. My birthdate also hit a few times too. Of course I hooted and hollered and jumped up and down each time I won. The dealer asked if by chance I was ever a cheerleader. Ha ha! Yes, of course I was. How can you tell? I ended up turning $200 worth of chips into over $1,000. Too bad it wasn’t real money. At the end, you turn your chips in for tickets. Then the tickets go into buckets for some really great prizes.

While we were waiting for the drawing, I sat down next to an older gentleman who works part time. He is 81 years old. He was such a sweet old guy. He is just working one day a week for something to do. We talked for a good long time. He had a U.S. Army hat on, so I asked him about it. He was drafted 2 days after he graduated from high school and said he was scared to death and so were his parents. He got sent to Korea. The first day he had to dig a 6×6 foot hole and crawl in at night. They rolled a tank over it and he couldn’t get out until 7:00 the next morning because it was the safest place for them. Oh, I couldn’t even imagine that! He told me his troop had 67 men and only 14 of them returned. How awful! I thanked him for his service. What a brave young man he was at 18 years old. He shook my hand when he left for the night and I told him to take care of himself. He really touched my heart.

It was a nice night to get out and have some fun and talk to people I don’t see often.



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