Cell Phone Woes

I got my daughter a cell phone on Black Friday. Against my better judgement. As I mentioned, I only got it because we drive 20 minutes to school and last week I was very late picking her up. She is in a lot of activities, and I feel better about her having one so she can call me if they end early or when they are announced just that morning. Plus, she’s been bugging the crap out of me for a year! Ha ha!

Anyhow, I have had to threaten to take it back pretty much every much every day since she got it. Big surprise. It is helping control the sassy mouth though, because all I have to do if she gives me the mouth is say “hand over that phone”. I have so much more power now! [Insert evil laugh.]

Since yesterday when school resumed and her bestie found about the new phone, she seems to think that Hailey has nothing better to do than gab after school. She keeps calling and calling… and calling. She literally called Hailey tonight 5 times while she was in the shower tonight. Yes, FIVE times! Hailey had the phone in the bathroom with her, or I would have marched up there and answered the phone and said “stop calling”, but I don’t want to be that mom. Hailey even came out of the shower and said “she keeps calling me”. I told her to text her that she doesn’t have time to talk because she has homework to do. I also said that she is going to need to talk to her at school tomorrow and tell her that she can’t talk on school nights. I’m not listening to that phone ring every single night. She usually has at least 2 hours of homework every night and that is taking priority over phone calls.

And yes, before you even begin to comment… I was on the phone too, but not until high school and not until my homework was done. And I was stuck in the kitchen attached to a cord. No phone in my room. No cordless phone. And certainly no cell phone where I could run away and get an ounce of privacy. Times have changed, I’ll roll with it, but not every night. And homework and a shower comes first. Priorities. At least she is agreeable about it… for now.

Black Friday

Good old Black Friday, when all the nuts are out. We didn’t go out until 10:00, so we avoided most of the crazies, but the lines were still long. First we hit Kohl’s. I only went for a Ninja Blender, but picked up a couple other things along the way. The lines were all the way to the back of the store. Luckily, the line only took 20 minutes. On the way out the door, some lady bashed me in the knee with her cart. Right in the knee where I had a meniscus tear a few years ago. Damn people are in such a hurry to get the good deals, they don’t give a shit about anyone else. She didn’t even stop to see if I was alright.

Next we went to Target and got a few things for a giving tree at church, a few of those $4 movies, and a new griddle I was after for myself. (I broke mine several months ago when it fell off the counter when I was doing dishes – oops.) We walked straight up to the line, no waiting.

Then we went to Verizon – you guessed it – I gave in and got my daughter a phone. I only gave in because we live quite a distance from school and she is in a lot of activities. Otherwise I would have made her wait. One and a half hours wait time at Verizon. We went to McDonalds while we waited. I think they ripped me off though. Since I was adding her onto my plan, I had to change to a different plan. I have a 5GB plan, which doesn’t exist for family plans. They have 4GB or 8GB. I clearly don’t need 8GB. Well, they can’t change to a lower plan in the middle of the month (as if you’re going to go change plans on the EXACT first day of the month of your plan). They said if we wanted the new phone to be active today, I had to upgrade to the 8GB plan for the next 12 days and then go down to the 4GB plan. Give me a break! Well, what was I going to do? Leave it inactive for almost 2 weeks with my daughter standing there? She knew she was getting it today. I have to call them tomorrow and make sure I didn’t get ripped off. They were so busy, I’m not sure they knew what they were even doing.

Last we went to Hobby Lobby and bought a bunch of stuff we didn’t even need. Scrapbooks and stickers were on sale for 50% off. Gotta have some of those. I’m trying to catch up, and I always say I love being 50 and still playing with stickers!

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. I loved having a quiet day with my husband and daughter. I got some of my Christmas decorations up and the cats haven’t climbed the tree, so I may be able to put ornaments on after all.



Mother of the Year

Well, no Mother of the Year Award for me this year. Today my daughter had a Student Council meeting after school that ended at 3:45. I have a calendar of everything that happens during the week posted on a dry erase board on my refrigerator. I looked at the ending time of her meeting no less that three, maybe four, times today. However, somehow I must have got it stuck in my brain that I had to leave the house at 3:45, not BE THERE at 3:45.

As I was driving to school, I was talking on the phone to my husband about something totally unimportant. I looked at the clock and said with alarm “is it really 3:52?!” He says “yeah, why?” I had just realized that I was supposed to be at school at 3:45, as I stepped harder on the gas. Of course, I started crying, because that’s what I do lately. I still had 15 minutes left before I got there. I was frantic. She has a phone, but it’s not activated for calls. She can get texts if she has the WiFi on. Jeff turned it on when we were at parent-teacher conferences and showed her how, but I don’t know if she ever turns it on. He said he would try to text her and tell her I was late.

Murphy’s Law, as I am tearing down the road, there’s a cop with the road closed. Grrr, I have to take a detour. Go figure! Tears are streaming down my face. Please let her stay inside behind the locked school doors. Once she goes outside, she can’t get back in. I finally get to school and she is right inside the door, relieved to see me, but wondering where I was. The text from Jeff did go through, thank goodness. She has been begging us for a phone for at least a year and now she is definitely getting one. Elementary school was too young, but middle school with all the activities is different, she needs to be able to reach me. This isn’t going to happen again where I can’t reach her and stay on the phone with her until I get there. Although I will never be late again!