Decorations Down

Christmas has been cleaned up in our house. This is a little earlier than normal for me, but as you know if you are a regular with my blog, I’m over it this year. Although now it looks boring and blah. Oh well, you can’t have it both ways I guess. I really do love Christmas. I just had a hard time this year without my mom. Every year I take the decorations down and wonder what life will be like this time next year. I never imagined life would be this empty without my mom this year. Next year at this time I don’t know where we will be. Will we be living in an apartment waiting for our new house to be done? I hope not. I’m hoping it will actually be done and we will already be moved in. I’m hoping the stars align and it all actually even happens. Who really knows? We may still be right here. I labeled my boxes and bins for the movers with optimism as though they would be moved within the next few months.

I put everything back exactly the way it was before Christmas, even though I know I have to “declutter” as the realtors always say. I need to take a million pictures first. Yep, I should have done that before I decorated for Christmas. I know. That would have been way too easy. Why not put it all back first, take the pictures, then pack it up? I’m not that smart. That’s way too obvious.

My goal over the next month and a half is to go room by room and clean closets, declutter and prepare the house to sell. Luckily I already did most of this last year for a big rummage sale we had, but need to go through it again. My daughter’s stuff will be the real challenge. The plan is to put it on the market on Feb. 15. For sale by owner and try our luck for a month. Hopefully the housing market is still a sellers market this spring. Fingers crossed!

Christmas Decorating

I have been decorating for the last 3 days. I am exhausted! Each morning, my daughter is in my bathroom bugging me before I even have the toothpaste on my toothbrush. “Can we decorate the tree today?” Ummm, it’s still in the basement. We put up two big trees (the living room and den), and two little mini trees for her to decorate with her little favorite ornaments and handmade ornaments from school and Girl Scouts from past years.

I decorate on top of my fireplace, which isn’t just a mantle, it’s super deep because it’s a corner fireplace. I decorate on top of the entertainment center, the piano, the kitchen table, the kitchen countertop, a little wooden storage shelf in the kitchen. Then I put lighted garland up the stairs and along the railing in the loft. I found the gigantic wooden ornaments a few years ago, and this year I hung them from the loft, dangling into the living room. They look so cool. I wish I had bought more of them. I have 3 wreaths in the house and one outside. My husband hung the gigantic wreaths outside on the second story windows.

I have tons more decorations that I could put up in other areas, in addition to a huge Christmas village, but I don’t think my body has any more energy. I used to put up the village every year either under the tree or on top of the fireplace. Now we have 2 little kittens, I think they would be like King Kong and try to either crush it or eat it.

It’s finally finished now, but it looks like Hobby Lobby threw up in here. I looks really nice, but I have mixed feelings since we plan to move in the spring. I hate to leave because I really love it here. I will be really miss the loft. I love hanging decorations from it. Every year for my daughters birthday, I have gotten great use out of it for decorations and Christmas is especially great for decorating this house. It doesn’t mean the next one won’t be great too, but it will be a ranch and I’m having a hard time picturing it. When we built this house, we built it planning to stay forever. I guess life sometimes has other plans.