Bits & Pieces

Life is beginning to return to normal in bits & pieces. Yesterday I had my first personal training session since last spring. I simply never got around to it in the fall and now they are going to expire, so I have to kick it into gear. I also feel like I’m putting on a few un-needed pounds. I went to water aerobics today also and it felt good to actually be at the gym two days in a row. My body is responding and I can feel the difference.

Yesterday I also talked to my uncle, my mom’s oldest brother. I interviewed him for the book I am writing. It was interesting for me to hear some stories about her as a child and young adult, before I was born. I am already up to 50 pages, with much more to add. I still need to talk to her younger brother and hope to have time to call him tomorrow.

Today’s grand adventure was taking my daughter to the doctor for her annual physical. She was not very cooperative. The paper gown was itchy. She has excema and didn’t want to show the doctor, yada, yada, yada. She was mad as a wet hen when it was time for the shots. Tetanus and flu shots. She was really ticked! I told her she won’t have to worry about the tetanus again until she’s 20.

On the way to the appointment, she asked where she had to get the shots. I said, “in the doctor’s office”. Ha ha! I’m such a smart ass. “Disco Inferno” came on the radio, so I cranked it up and sang along as loud as I could. I thought I would try to cheer her up to take her mind off the impending shots. She told me I had a mental problem. Ahhh, kids. They don’t appreciate good music.