Overcrowded Gym

I went to the gym today for the first time since the new year. You can certainly tell that everyone made a resolution to get fit. It was extremely overcrowded. I was walking on the track and I think every treadmill was taken. Thank goodness I hate treadmills, so they can have them. The pool was a sea of bodies bobbing up and down. They cleaned it over Christmas and it was closed for 2 weeks. I’m taking bets on how soon until there will be a band-aid floating around and any other unknown disgusting item that ends up in the pool. And try to get a shower… forget it. I also thought it was amusing when I checked in and there is a new sign on the desk with a scanner for members to check ourselves in. Really? Now the crabby ladies behind the desk literally have nothing to do except fold towels. They may as well just hire robots.

I probably over-did it a little. I had an appointment with my trainer, then I walked for a half hour, then I did an aqua cardio class for 45 minutes. As Banya said on the Seinfeld show when he gave Jerry his jacket, “yep, I’m huge”. Ha ha! Well, far from it, but it’s time to get back on track after a few months of not doing much. My workouts lately have consisted of cleaning the house. After busting my butt today, I’m taking the rest of the day off.

Pool Rules

I attended my favorite aqua cardio class today with trainer Dalfim. He sure is a charmer with those old ladies. During “Macho Man”, he jumps up and does splits in the air. Today he did a couple push ups and he actually pushed himself off the ground about a foot and clapped his hands. WOW! I would have had a broken nose if I tried that. He really woke up the crowd and those old women were smiling and batting their eyes at him like they were in love. Ooo la la! It was hysterical!

I have a list of pool rules that I think everyone must follow, but especially if you are over the age of 70.

  • No speedos – I think this definitely applies to everyone, but seriously if you are over 70 and your gut hangs several inches over the speedo, it’s a definite no.
  • No make-up – Really ladies? Make-up in the pool? You’re gonna get wet and it’s going to smear down your face. Get over it and go without the make-up.
  • Don’t fix your hair and expect it to stay dry – once my husband came to water aerobics with me and jumped in the pool and a lady bit his head off and said “some of us don’t want our hair to get wet”. Really? You’re in a pool!!!!
  • No white swimsuits gentlemen – For the love of Pete men, you can see right through it (if you know what I mean). There is one VERY old man who comes in every day in white swim trunks. When it gets wet — ARRGGHH!
  • Ladies, if you are a little heavy on the bottom (front and back), PLEASE get a full coverage swimsuit. And when it starts to stretch out, please look in the mirror and get a new one. Everyone can see everything that hangs out of it. Some things you just can’t un-see. I’m getting a little grossed out at the pool.

Now, I’m not perfect, but I don’t think I’m grossing anyone out either. At least I hope not.

Bits & Pieces

Life is beginning to return to normal in bits & pieces. Yesterday I had my first personal training session since last spring. I simply never got around to it in the fall and now they are going to expire, so I have to kick it into gear. I also feel like I’m putting on a few un-needed pounds. I went to water aerobics today also and it felt good to actually be at the gym two days in a row. My body is responding and I can feel the difference.

Yesterday I also talked to my uncle, my mom’s oldest brother. I interviewed him for the book I am writing. It was interesting for me to hear some stories about her as a child and young adult, before I was born. I am already up to 50 pages, with much more to add. I still need to talk to her younger brother and hope to have time to call him tomorrow.

Today’s grand adventure was taking my daughter to the doctor for her annual physical. She was not very cooperative. The paper gown was itchy. She has excema and didn’t want to show the doctor, yada, yada, yada. She was mad as a wet hen when it was time for the shots. Tetanus and flu shots. She was really ticked! I told her she won’t have to worry about the tetanus again until she’s 20.

On the way to the appointment, she asked where she had to get the shots. I said, “in the doctor’s office”. Ha ha! I’m such a smart ass. “Disco Inferno” came on the radio, so I cranked it up and sang along as loud as I could. I thought I would try to cheer her up to take her mind off the impending shots. She told me I had a mental problem. Ahhh, kids. They don’t appreciate good music.

Another New Workout Attempt

In my ongoing quest to find a new gym, this week I am trying another club. Today I tried a step class. I have always enjoyed step classes because I enjoy the choreographed routines that are almost like dance routines. I have clearly forgotten that is has been at least 15 year since I have taken a step class. I don’t think it was so much that it was hard, but the room where it was held was extremely hot. It was like a damn hot yoga studio! It had a wall of windows that faced the sun at 9:00 in the morning. The sun was beating in and they only had on a couple fans. Of course, I chose today to wear pants, rather than shorts. Every time I wear shorts, I feel like everyone is looking at me all weird with my legs that go up to my armpits. I’m sorry I’m tall. They look at me like I don’t have the appropriate “gym wardrobe”. Today I wore the stupid pants. Big mistake! I was roasting. My first thought as I walked into that room was “who the hell built this?” As the instructor started the class, she greeted those of us that were new and said “I may be a little bit mean today, I had a bad weekend”. Terrific. The moves weren’t difficult as I have done step classes before. I must have been going full speed ahead because 30 minutes into the class my head was pounding and my face looked like a tomato. As a chronic migraine sufferer, if I join this club and opt to do this class again, I  had better tone it down a bit. I am now drinking gallons of water to combat the impending headache. Before I head to the shower, I think I will go clean up my flower beds as they are rapidly dying with the onset of the cool fall weather. (Translation: they look like crap.)