Adventures in Swim Lessons

Today was the first day of a new season of swim lessons for my daughter. She hates swim lessons. At least she hates the idea of swim lessons. She grumbles about it for weeks prior and drags her feet until my husband is walking out the door without her. This year her lesson is a full hour later than it was last year and she STILL could not get herself ready on time. Seriously?! I went in her room at 9:00 and she was playing a computer game. I told her she better get ready and have some breakfast because she had to leave in an hour. [Insert grumble.] “OMG, last year you would have had to be in the car by this time!” Once she gets there she is completely fine and she loves the instructor. She loved being able to swim in the deep end this summer and I want her to be a strong swimmer, so she’s going. I don’t know why she has to make such a big deal out of it. She is my little drama queen, that’s for sure. I’m putting her up for an Oscar. Surely someday she will make her way to Hollywood. I just know it. Anyhow, by the time she finally made it downstairs, she literally had 15 minutes to eat breakfast. Yepper, she ended up taking part of it in the car with her. Ugh! My husband takes her to the lesson (thank goodness), and he is standing there staring at her wondering if she is going in her stocking feet or if she is ever going to put her shoes on. She is an artist at delaying getting out of the house. She has absolutely no concept of appointments. I often wonder if she can actually tell time or ever even looks at a clock for that matter.

They get to the gym, which is where I am a member. I have a gift certificate that I got several months ago. I have been saving it to use for swim lessons. I told him to make sure he uses it (even though he nearly walked out the door without it). Of course, the girl at the desk has no record of Hailey’s swim lesson or the instructor or anything. That place is THE most unorganized gym in America. I swear! This happens every single time we start a new session. Luckily, they let her go take the lesson and I have to pay next time I am in. (I have been sick all week otherwise I would have taken care of it this week.) Do you see now why I say there is never a dull moment around here? Truly, I’m not kidding.

Later on I found out about the locker room… Hailey went in to use the bathroom. Oh no. I put my face in my hands as soon as she started talking because I knew no good could come from what she was possibly going to say. There is a Zumba class prior to her lesson. Thankfully her lesson is no longer during the class because the old ladies always run into her and get mad because there is a kid in the pool. As if she isn’t entitled to be taking a private swim lesson during their class. Those old ladies are only supposed to take up 2/3 of the pool and swim lessons are supposed be open for 1/3 of the pool. I pay a lot of money for those lessons, so those old women better stay out of her way. Anyhow, back to the locker room… Hailey goes into the bathroom, and an older women is using the restroom with the door wide open! Oh my gosh! WHY would anyone do that?!!!!!? Hailey rushed past her and used the bathroom. She also saw another older lady with a towel wrapped around her waist, whose bottom was covered up in the back, but not in the front, if you know what I mean. And her breasts were touching the towel at her waist. Hailey said “you know how you told me you can’t un-see things?” I told her not to go in there anymore and stick to the private bathrooms from now on. She’s much too young for the locker room after an aqua Zumba class.

Boot Camp Bust

It’s only 10:15 am and already this day is just meh. As I was backing out of the garage, my daughter realized her school ID was still hanging on the hook where she hangs her backpack, so I had to run in and get it. We were already 3 minutes late as it was. How many times have I asked her to keep it in her backpack. Another day to haul ass down the highway. It’s just a matter of time before I get a speeding ticket. I can’t believe I’ve actually made it through 2 years of driving this distance to school without one. Knock on wood.

Anyhow, today is boot camp day. I get to the gym 45 minutes before the class starts, so I decide to kill time and walk a few laps around the track to warm up. I’ve never done this before in all the years I’ve been a member. This would be a great place to walk in the winter. Morning must be “old guy on treadmill” time. There was at least 10 older gentlemen on treadmills. I was majorly impressed with a few of them who were full speed ahead running. One guy who was easily mid-60’s was killing it! Wow! Nope, not me. I hate treadmills. Then I saw a handful of ladies on bikes reading books or magazines. I also hate bikes. I feel like I would fall off if I were trying to read. I have motion issues. I can’t even read in a car. Trying to read on one of those stair steppers would really make me nauseous. I saw one lady doing that too, but by my next lap, she had stopped reading. So, I walked for 20 minutes, then went downstairs to stretch and psych myself up for the class.

Headed to boot camp and was immediately terrified when I saw the trainer running it. Teresa. She is one tough lady. I’ve seen her training others when I have been working out. She strikes terror in my very soul and never in a million years would I pay to train with her. It was just one other woman and myself in the class. One other woman about 15 years younger and much more fit than myself. Great. Teresa was writing the exercises we were to perform on a chalk board. She was writing and writing and writing. She had a very looooonnng list of exercises. I see battle ropes (hate them), stairs, mountain climbers, and those things where you throw a medicine ball at the wall. UGH!!! We have to do 2 exercises for 2 minutes each right in a row, then switch stations and keep going with no breather. OMG! Needless to say, after 3 rounds I am ready to throw up. Literally. I had to sit down and take a few breaths and drink some water. Boot camp was a bust for me and I threw in the towel after 20 minutes. After 3 months of going to the zoo, the pool, the beach, etc. I am not quite ready for boot camp. Wait a minute, I will never be ready for boot camp. I think I will stick with my trainer who goes at my own pace and knows what exercises I can do for my fitness level. She knows that I have bad shoulders and a bad neck. It’s not Teresa’s fault, I don’t blame her. I blame myself. I should have known better. I had no idea it would be so fast paced. Had it been a bit slower paced, I could have done most of the work. I’ll remember the exercises she taught us and do them on my own at my own pace. I give a ton of credit to the other girl. I hope she made it. At least I tried, that’s what counts.

Aqua Tabata

I finally got back to one of my favorite aqua classes at the gym today – Aqua Tabata. My husband took our daughter to school today so I could attend the class. This class doesn’t begin until 10:00, and since I don’t feel like hanging around the gym for 2 hours after school drop-off, I think Tuesday’s may be one of the days I have him drop her off. It’s a great workout and I know a number of people in the class. It was however, an interesting day to get back there for the first time. Let me tell you why…

First of all, the instructor couldn’t get the music to work. Apparently they got a new system and she couldn’t sync her phone with it. Zero music. We weren’t sure if someone should start singing or what. It was pretty hysterical and made for a much longer class because you just can’t exercise without music. There is one lady who is normally at all these classes who sings to EVERY song, in an opera voice no less. Where was she when we needed music? Although we didn’t need music quite that bad.

Then, there was this woman across from us who was making these very strange faces. (There are 2 pools facing each other and the instructor stands on the deck.) I think this woman was breathing in and out through her mouth, but she was making a circle with her mouth like she was trying to hold onto a Cheerio instead of just breathing normally. She sort of looked like she either had a mouth full of water, or looked like she was going to throw up. Maybe she was just trying really hard not to get wrinkles.

Of course, the instructor is young enough to be my daughter and in tip-top shape. She is 24. She is also my trainer, so she is expecting me to sign up for another session any day now. I told her I need to figure out my schedule of school drop offs and what classes I like and I’ll let her know. That ought to hold her off for a week or so! I still have 6 sessions that I bought last November to use up. I won’t let them go to waste because they were expensive. Just gotta get back on the horse.

Nonetheless, it’s a great workout. Using weights in the water is harder than you may think and is very good for the arms. Hopefully my giggly arms that are starting to look like my grandma’s will go away soon, as I get back into my regular routine. 3 months off is not ideal. I’m not trying to rip on anyone at the gym. I’m glad that they are there trying to improve themselves. I’m just making an observation. I’m fairly certain there is plenty about me for others to critique as well. Yesterday in that Body Shred class, I felt pretty stupid that the 60 year old ladies were in better shape than me. Tomorrow I’m going to try the boot camp. Ugh, I shudder at the sheer thought of what I am in for.

Just Another Manic Monday

Monday… OMG, it’s 1:15 and I literally hate this day! This is the most typical housewife day EVER! Actually, it’s worse than a typical housewife day. Somehow I managed to cram in a week’s worth of crap into a half a day. Beginning with my sweet 10 year old giving me my 6:30 a.m. wake up call. Nothing sweeter than her little voice saying “good morning mommy”. She’s so sweet. Off to the races! Suddenly I’m drinking my smoothie and it’s 7:20. Yikes! I hurry up and put on my gym clothes, stuff everything in my bag and make her lunch. “Go to the bathroom, get on your shoes!” She’s putting on lipgloss. Lipgloss?! When did she start wearing lipgloss? Whatever, put it on in the car. I think she forgets every day that we have a 20 minute drive. Oh well, I still drop her off right on time – just call me leadfoot.

Then I go to the gym. As I get there and make a quick pitstop in the ladies room, I wrestle with myself whether I should really try this new class or just put on my suit and do the aqua class. It’s already 8:15 and the aqua class started 15 minutes ago. Screw it, I’ll just give it a try. The class is titled “Jillian Michaels Body Shred”. Just the title scares the hell out of me. Clearly everyone in the class has done this multiple times. They tell me to grab a mat and a variety of weights. Great. Immediately I’m not sure I should have tried it because she starts us out running and I painfully remember the injections I got in my feet on Friday as my heels start burning. Oh crap! Luckily, there wasn’t too much of that and it was mostly lifting light weights. When she has us do jumping jacks or anything, I just did the fake ones and mostly used my arms. I made it through the class and may consider taking it again when my feet stop hurting. Yeah me!

Next, I hoofed it across town to Target and the grocery store. I only shop every 2 weeks because as I have mentioned, I do a LOT of driving. The grocery store is about 30 minutes from school. I could go to a different store, but I am too stubborn to shop at the more expensive stores. I like my giant supermarket that has everything I want with the low, low prices. I would rather drive for one stop shopping and lower costs. I racked up a big grocery bill for 2 weeks and so far I haven’t figured out anything I forgot. At least, not yet. I usually realize at least one thing as soon as I walk in the door at home. Happens every. single. time. I was unable to find marsala wine, which I need for a recipe, so some night when we go out to eat, we’ll have to run by a liquor store to pick some up (or licorice store, like my daughter used to say).

By the time I got home, it is only noon, which is feeling like midnight to me at this point, and I still have to put away all those groceries. They really need to hire out their baggers to come put away your groceries. Maybe I should invent that. I got all that junk put away as I was ready to chew off my arm. Sat down and ate a peanut butter sandwich and yogurt (my daily lunch). THEN, I got up and put dinner in the crock pot. I am way too tired to even think about making dinner tonight. (P.S. If you don’t use crock pot liners when you cook, you are missing out. Get yourself to Target and get some. Now!) While I was browning some meat on the stove, I also unloaded the dishwasher and put away the rest of the groceries that go in the pantry. After the crock pot was loaded, I took tons of strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries and loaded them all into baggies to keep them fresh for the next 2 weeks. I use these for my morning smoothies. My berries have been getting moldy too fast, so the produce guy gave me a tip to store them in baggies instead.

And there you have it! 1:15 and I am ready for bed. I have exactly 1 hour until I have to leave for school pick-up. Terrific. I predict I’ll be asleep by 8:00. I sure hope my child had a good day today. I don’t have the energy to hear about it if she didn’t.

Fall – Back to Routine

Fall always seems like the unofficial start of the new year. Back to school is the biggest adjustment after a full summer of sleeping in. It’s always a challenge to make the giant leap into getting up early. Of course, middle school has started for us, so this year it means getting up a whole hour early. This isn’t exactly my cup of tea. Going into the third week, I’m hoping I start getting better at it.

Another fall routine is getting back to the gym. As I have mentioned, I was looking for a new gym. The one I tried wasn’t great, so this week I’m going back to my regular gym.  I’m going to try a few new classes and try to work out the timing so I can go right after school drop-off. The manager gave me a complimentary trial of a new boot camp on Wednesday. I’m not thrilled with the name “boot camp”, but we’ll see how it goes. I expect to be sore by mid-week.

One of our other fall routines is getting back to church on a regular basis. We are admittedly not great about this during the summer. Our church changes their schedule over the summer and only offers one early service. Remember what I said about sleeping in during the summer? Yeah, we never make it to church. Although, I don’t think many people do. Last week was Rally Day, when everyone comes back together and they go back to two services – early and late. We prefer the later service at 10:45. I have to say, I don’t know if it’s harder to rally my daughter to get her off to Sunday school, or to get my husband motivated to go to church. He was one of those kids who was forced to go to church, so he doesn’t always like to go. I like to go listen to the message, and I think it’s important for our daughter. Today I had a really proud mom moment. When my husband dropped our daughter off for Sunday school, he forgot to give her a couple bucks for the offering. She realized she had $1 in her purse, so she threw it in when the offering came around. What a grown-up thing to do. It brings tears to my eyes that she was so thoughtful. Most kids would just skip it. I’m so proud of her! Church is also particularly important to us right now as we have a lot to pray for. My husband’s former boss has stage 4 kidney cancer. He recently had surgery and has several lymph nodes near his heart they were unable to remove. With several setbacks, and only retired for a few years, we are very concerned about him. Yesterday we found out about a woman who has been like a mother to me, was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. She will be facing chemo in a few weeks when she heals from her recent surgery and we pray for her healing. We are also praying that we will sell our home for a fair price next spring and afford the house we plan to build without a strain on our finances. We have a lot on our minds right now.

Fall is a time of many changes and can sometimes be depressing knowing that winter is right around the corner. I pray fall goes well for all of you that are reading my blog. Thank you for your support.