Busy Day

Today was a busy (and somewhat normal) day. I went to the gym (yeah me)! I didn’t even make any attempt to chicken out. I’ll admit I wasn’t happy with the lady who said she hasn’t seen me for months and went on and on when I told her my mom passed away. She eventually said “I assume you don’t want to talk about it”. Nope, I sure don’t.

I did a bunch of scrapbooking this afternoon and got quite a few pages done. I got all the pages finished from my vow renewal and it turned out really cute. I’m anxious to get myself caught up, so I can start working on the pictures of my ancestors.

Our holiday cards and calendars came today from Shutterfly. I’d like to think I will be early and write out those cards, but I will do them on Thanksgiving as usual.

Tonight a builder we have been working with came over to show us a proposal to build us a house. We decided we had better compare a couple builders before we made a final decision. The guy who came over tonight was too expensive by several thousand dollars, so we are going with the original plan, which is the house we like better anyhow. Now the goal is to sell our house in the spring so we can get this whole thing done!

So Irritating

What do you do when you are annoyed with literally every single thing? Besides cry? I am so annoyed with Hailey’s school, I can’t even stand it. I would like to pull her out and home school her. I’m really starting to debate whether I want to build a house in that city and get stuck there until she graduates after all. The middle school is a brand new school, but honestly they just took the old middle school and moved everyone to the new school. They are so unorganized it seems as though these people have never run a school before. First of all, they are making these poor little 5th graders grow up way too fast. Too many rules forcing them to act the same as the 8th graders. They have to carry around these gigantic 3-inch binders, a Chromebook, along with all their folders and notebooks, and art box, etc, without a backpack. All the other grades were given a nice carrying case for their Chromebooks, but nope, not the 5th graders, they just carry it in their tiny arms along with all the other loads of crap. I finally bought Hailey a messenger bag to carry it in. I said I dare anyone to tell her she can’t carry the bag. I’ll fucking slap them if they do. My biggest gripe about their lack of organization is that they have all these great clubs after school, but they cannot manage to let anyone in on the big secret as to when the meetings are until the day OF the meeting. They tell the students in the morning announcements. And the kids can’t use their phones during the school day to let their parents know they want to stay after school. Those are the kids who have phones, mine does not. Tell me how this makes sense. I drive 20 minutes one way to pick my kid up from school. I’m already sitting in the parking lot for 10 minutes before the bell rings. IF she had a phone, she can’t even use it until the bell rings. So, she’s supposed to wait to tell me she wants to stay after school when I’m already sitting there waiting for her?!?! I don’t think so. I’m not driving all the way back home and then turning around an hour later and coming back. And I’m sure as hell not sitting in the parking lot for an hour. There is nothing near the school to do to kill time either. Wouldn’t it make just a wee bit more sense to actually send out a list of the activities and when they are going to meet AHEAD of time so parents and students have some advance notice? Oh wait, that makes too much sense. What am I thinking? UGH!!!!!  My other serious annoyance with this school is the gym teacher. She told the kids that they will be going outside for gym unless it is under 35 degrees. Seriously?! Well, I guess I’ll plan on my kid being sick all year. Also, if they miss a class, they have to make it up. Wait for it… it gets better. They have to make up the gym class at 7:20 in the morning, before school starts. It will be a cold day in hell before I bring my kid to school 40 minutes early for GYM class. I’m sorry, but who makes up a gym class. It’s not math or science. These people that go to college to get a degree in gym. Give me a break. “yeah, I went to college to get my Bachelor’s degree in phy ed. I’m a stud”. Whatever. Move out of your hometown and get a life. Grrr, I hate this school.

The other thing that I am super annoyed with is my health club. They keep adding all these new classes, but do you think they can add any classes that I’ve been looking for? Nope. Now I don’t expect them to add anything just for me, but there are a ton of people who do the aqua classes that have been literally begging to have more aqua classes added. The guy who taught about 60 classes a week quit a full year ago and they never replaced him. It has been a YEAR. They keep making up excuses, but they aren’t making any attempt to replace him. It’s really pathetic. They keep announcing new classes left and right, but it’s all HIIT, spinning, guts and butts, etc. I don’t want to do that shit. I’m a middle aged woman. I would like to do some kickboxing or Tai Chi, or even some NIA, but they think spinning and Zumba are all the rage. They really only give a crap about the clientele who are aged 25-30. They don’t care about the “older” crowd. But, I’ll tell you what, when I am there in the morning, there is not one single person there who is under 40. Maybe they ought to listen to us.

My last annoyance (for today anyhow), is that we have spent months and months working with a builder for a new house. They finally came back to us with a few changes that we were really excited about. Then they gave us the price. No longer excited. Way too high. We are back to square one and looking for other builders, new designs, and hoping we find someone with the same quality. We are frustrated and tired.

Adventures in Swim Lessons

Today was the first day of a new season of swim lessons for my daughter. She hates swim lessons. At least she hates the idea of swim lessons. She grumbles about it for weeks prior and drags her feet until my husband is walking out the door without her. This year her lesson is a full hour later than it was last year and she STILL could not get herself ready on time. Seriously?! I went in her room at 9:00 and she was playing a computer game. I told her she better get ready and have some breakfast because she had to leave in an hour. [Insert grumble.] “OMG, last year you would have had to be in the car by this time!” Once she gets there she is completely fine and she loves the instructor. She loved being able to swim in the deep end this summer and I want her to be a strong swimmer, so she’s going. I don’t know why she has to make such a big deal out of it. She is my little drama queen, that’s for sure. I’m putting her up for an Oscar. Surely someday she will make her way to Hollywood. I just know it. Anyhow, by the time she finally made it downstairs, she literally had 15 minutes to eat breakfast. Yepper, she ended up taking part of it in the car with her. Ugh! My husband takes her to the lesson (thank goodness), and he is standing there staring at her wondering if she is going in her stocking feet or if she is ever going to put her shoes on. She is an artist at delaying getting out of the house. She has absolutely no concept of appointments. I often wonder if she can actually tell time or ever even looks at a clock for that matter.

They get to the gym, which is where I am a member. I have a gift certificate that I got several months ago. I have been saving it to use for swim lessons. I told him to make sure he uses it (even though he nearly walked out the door without it). Of course, the girl at the desk has no record of Hailey’s swim lesson or the instructor or anything. That place is THE most unorganized gym in America. I swear! This happens every single time we start a new session. Luckily, they let her go take the lesson and I have to pay next time I am in. (I have been sick all week otherwise I would have taken care of it this week.) Do you see now why I say there is never a dull moment around here? Truly, I’m not kidding.

Later on I found out about the locker room… Hailey went in to use the bathroom. Oh no. I put my face in my hands as soon as she started talking because I knew no good could come from what she was possibly going to say. There is a Zumba class prior to her lesson. Thankfully her lesson is no longer during the class because the old ladies always run into her and get mad because there is a kid in the pool. As if she isn’t entitled to be taking a private swim lesson during their class. Those old ladies are only supposed to take up 2/3 of the pool and swim lessons are supposed be open for 1/3 of the pool. I pay a lot of money for those lessons, so those old women better stay out of her way. Anyhow, back to the locker room… Hailey goes into the bathroom, and an older women is using the restroom with the door wide open! Oh my gosh! WHY would anyone do that?!!!!!? Hailey rushed past her and used the bathroom. She also saw another older lady with a towel wrapped around her waist, whose bottom was covered up in the back, but not in the front, if you know what I mean. And her breasts were touching the towel at her waist. Hailey said “you know how you told me you can’t un-see things?” I told her not to go in there anymore and stick to the private bathrooms from now on. She’s much too young for the locker room after an aqua Zumba class.

Another New Workout Attempt

In my ongoing quest to find a new gym, this week I am trying another club. Today I tried a step class. I have always enjoyed step classes because I enjoy the choreographed routines that are almost like dance routines. I have clearly forgotten that is has been at least 15 year since I have taken a step class. I don’t think it was so much that it was hard, but the room where it was held was extremely hot. It was like a damn hot yoga studio! It had a wall of windows that faced the sun at 9:00 in the morning. The sun was beating in and they only had on a couple fans. Of course, I chose today to wear pants, rather than shorts. Every time I wear shorts, I feel like everyone is looking at me all weird with my legs that go up to my armpits. I’m sorry I’m tall. They look at me like I don’t have the appropriate “gym wardrobe”. Today I wore the stupid pants. Big mistake! I was roasting. My first thought as I walked into that room was “who the hell built this?” As the instructor started the class, she greeted those of us that were new and said “I may be a little bit mean today, I had a bad weekend”. Terrific. The moves weren’t difficult as I have done step classes before. I must have been going full speed ahead because 30 minutes into the class my head was pounding and my face looked like a tomato. As a chronic migraine sufferer, if I join this club and opt to do this class again, I  had better tone it down a bit. I am now drinking gallons of water to combat the impending headache. Before I head to the shower, I think I will go clean up my flower beds as they are rapidly dying with the onset of the cool fall weather. (Translation: they look like crap.)

Aqua Cardio

Today I went to my ultra most favorite class at the gym – Aqua Cardio. If only it started a little earlier than 11:45. I was ready to chew off my hand by 12:15. It is taught by Dalfim, one of the fitness pros. He is 35 and in awesome shape. He is one of those guys that does stuff like the Ironman and something called “The Suck”. He travels all over to do these things. He’s not bulky and huge, but he could squash you like a grape. And he’s a super nice guy. I’d love to use him as a trainer, but I think he would kill me. He plays awesome music and really gets into it. When he played “Macho Man”, he was jumping all over the place. He throws his styrofoam weights in the air, and best of all, he actually does the workout with us. Most of the instructors show us the exercise, then just stand there until it’s time to change to a different move. That’s annoying. He’s sweating right along with us.

Today when we were doing the “Twist”, I saw some of the older ladies across the pool checking out Dalfim’s butt. And when he was jumping around to “Macho Man”, they were actually giddy. Those old ladies were really checking out the menu. You know that McDonald’s commercial when the old lady is knitting the landscaper a sweater? That’s what these ladies remind me of. Oh well, they can look, they aren’t dead.

At one point, a very skinny older gentleman with a very hairy chest walked out of the men’s locker room and started dancing to the music as he walked to the hot tub. It was hysterical! I love that he did that in front of 2 pools full of women! Hilarious! About 10 minutes later, he caught my eye walking back getting down to another song. OMG! I threw my arms out of the water, clapped and cheered for him.

At the end of class, the lady I was talking to suddenly lost an earring. About 5 of us were trying to help her find it. She got her toe on it, but couldn’t get it. Of course, no one wanted to get their hair wet. We tried to get it with a net, but it was too flat. Finally, a man with some goggles came and tried to dive for it. At first he did nothing but float, so she dragged it with her toe to the shallow end, and he was able to get it. I’ve never had so much excitement in a pool class before. What a day!

Boot Camp Bust

It’s only 10:15 am and already this day is just meh. As I was backing out of the garage, my daughter realized her school ID was still hanging on the hook where she hangs her backpack, so I had to run in and get it. We were already 3 minutes late as it was. How many times have I asked her to keep it in her backpack. Another day to haul ass down the highway. It’s just a matter of time before I get a speeding ticket. I can’t believe I’ve actually made it through 2 years of driving this distance to school without one. Knock on wood.

Anyhow, today is boot camp day. I get to the gym 45 minutes before the class starts, so I decide to kill time and walk a few laps around the track to warm up. I’ve never done this before in all the years I’ve been a member. This would be a great place to walk in the winter. Morning must be “old guy on treadmill” time. There was at least 10 older gentlemen on treadmills. I was majorly impressed with a few of them who were full speed ahead running. One guy who was easily mid-60’s was killing it! Wow! Nope, not me. I hate treadmills. Then I saw a handful of ladies on bikes reading books or magazines. I also hate bikes. I feel like I would fall off if I were trying to read. I have motion issues. I can’t even read in a car. Trying to read on one of those stair steppers would really make me nauseous. I saw one lady doing that too, but by my next lap, she had stopped reading. So, I walked for 20 minutes, then went downstairs to stretch and psych myself up for the class.

Headed to boot camp and was immediately terrified when I saw the trainer running it. Teresa. She is one tough lady. I’ve seen her training others when I have been working out. She strikes terror in my very soul and never in a million years would I pay to train with her. It was just one other woman and myself in the class. One other woman about 15 years younger and much more fit than myself. Great. Teresa was writing the exercises we were to perform on a chalk board. She was writing and writing and writing. She had a very looooonnng list of exercises. I see battle ropes (hate them), stairs, mountain climbers, and those things where you throw a medicine ball at the wall. UGH!!! We have to do 2 exercises for 2 minutes each right in a row, then switch stations and keep going with no breather. OMG! Needless to say, after 3 rounds I am ready to throw up. Literally. I had to sit down and take a few breaths and drink some water. Boot camp was a bust for me and I threw in the towel after 20 minutes. After 3 months of going to the zoo, the pool, the beach, etc. I am not quite ready for boot camp. Wait a minute, I will never be ready for boot camp. I think I will stick with my trainer who goes at my own pace and knows what exercises I can do for my fitness level. She knows that I have bad shoulders and a bad neck. It’s not Teresa’s fault, I don’t blame her. I blame myself. I should have known better. I had no idea it would be so fast paced. Had it been a bit slower paced, I could have done most of the work. I’ll remember the exercises she taught us and do them on my own at my own pace. I give a ton of credit to the other girl. I hope she made it. At least I tried, that’s what counts.