Valentine’s Day

Why has Valentine’s Day turned into just another excuse to hand out candy at school? It’s like Halloween all over again. My daughter came home and dumped out a pile of candy with no actual cards. Really? Not a single Valentine. We hand made Valentines for every single kid. Also, if you give a Valentine to one student, you have to give one to everyone. Pretty obvious, right? Well, the girl who seems to have started a feud with my daughter didn’t give her a Valentine today and really hurt her feelings. What a brat. I made sure my daughter gave one to her, even though she didn’t really want to, because that’s just what you do. You be the bigger person. I told her not to worry about it. I’m sure the other girl feels like crap sitting at home going through her stuff and finding a nice handmade card from my daughter and realizing she didn’t give her one. I hope she feels like shit, the little brat. As for the candy, I’ll donate it to the orthodontist in a couple weeks. She’ll never miss it.

Another thing that has ruined my Valentine’s mood is that while I was making dinner tonight, I was halfway through preparations and discovered that I didn’t have ONE of the ingredients. Nothing will ruin a meal faster than missing one stupid ingredient. I wasn’t about to run to the neighbors and ask to borrow 1/4 cup of A1 sauce. We don’t live anywhere near a grocery store. It’s at least a 45 minute round trip for the drive and getting in and out of the store. We would be eating at 8:00. Forget it. My husband is on his way to get a pizza. Of course, he has to drive to get a pizza because we also live in an area where no one delivers to us either. Another reason we need to move. Ugh! It’s always something.

Lying Groundhog

Add another 8 inches of snow to the record books. No school AGAIN. That’s 5 days of school cancelled in a month. By my count, the kids ought to get out of school somewhere around July 4th. So much for summer vacation this year.

My husband is fit to be tied with this snow. He swears at the weathermen on TV when they forecast snow. He changes the channel looking for the report with the least amount of snow, hoping one of them will come up with only 4 inches instead of 8-12. Good luck with that honey! If you are a follower of my blog, you know that he is in charge of making sure that 120 acres of land is clear of snow. It is a royal pain in the ass, to say the least. Since he is on salary, he is not compensated extra for the additional hours that he spends at work. Today he went in at 3:00 am. Yes, that says A.M. That isn’t a typo. It is now almost 6:00 P.M. and he isn’t home yet. He is still in the snowplow. That’s 15 hours at work and still counting. This is his 28th day in a row at work with only 1 day off. NOT cool. If this snow ever ends, he is taking a week off. He deserves it. I wish we could just go somewhere warm for a week.

Since there was no school, my daughter and I made him a batch of chocolate chip cookies to surprise him. He came home after lunch to plow out the driveway and we gave him a baggie full to take back to work with him to munch on. He was very happy. He’ll fill up his belly tonight and I’ll bet half of them will be gone by morning. If he doesn’t fall asleep by 7:00, that is. As I’m going to guess he has to be back to work by 3:00 again tomorrow morning. Grrrr! Why didn’t we move south long, long ago? Yes, the “official” start of spring is a mere 36 days away. Nope, not here. It won’t even be spring by Easter. I guaranty it will still be snowing. That dumb rat groundhog lied his ass off. The little bastard.

Overdid It

I think I did too much today. I haven’t been to the gym in awhile. Like almost 3 weeks. Too cold, too snowy. It’s easier to sit on the couch and read a book. Well, today was my day to shake off the excuses. I started out by lifting weights for 35 minutes. Then I changed into my swimsuit and did aqua Zumba for 45 minutes. I love the aqua Zumba class and haven’t attended since probably October. Shame on me! Monday’s haven’t been working for me lately. I always seem to be somewhere else. Usually at the grocery store or running errands. I have to make a point to make this my new Monday routine. Except a little less on the weight lifting, because now, several hours later, my arms are killing me!! That’s what I get for sitting around eating Red Velvet Oreos.

As we all know, working out gives us energy. So I came home and did the dishes, cleaned all the bathrooms and the kitchen sink. By then it was 1:00 and I was ready to chew off my hand, so I had some lunch. Stick a fork in me, I was done. And I was sweaty, so I took a shower.

After a few other things around the house and driving to pick up my daughter from school, I am utterly pooped. It is 4:30 and I could fall asleep now and sleep until noon tomorrow. But, alas, these family folks ALWAYS want dinner, so I suppose I’ll have to make something eventually. Why do they always want to eat?

But wait, now the little one just came and asked me for help with her math on fractions. I don’t like fractions. Ask me about algebra or calculus. I can even do college level trigonometry. Well, maybe. That was a very long time ago, but I did it once. (Doesn’t mean I can remember it.) I also did fractions once, but I clearly can’t remember how to do them. My brain hurts. I’m taking a nap until dinner time and heating up leftovers.

Fun Lunch

Today I had such great fun having lunch with a friend. We’ve been trying to have lunch forever and somehow it hasn’t worked out. Well, today was the day! Awful weather and all. We braved the cold, rain, and slush and met at Panera and we sat there and talked and talked for over 2 hours!! Our daughters went to school together from 5K through 2nd grade. Although we have moved to another district, they are in the same grade, so we have a lot in common. And the same girl drama. Although hers is much more laid back than mine. Her oldest daughter is also our babysitter. Best sitter ever! Wait… am I allowed to use the word “baby”sitter anymore? I should just say sitter.

Oh, we talked about every topic under the non-existent sun today. We really should run our respective schools. Since we identified multiple issues at each school, we would do a MUCH better job of it. Since neither of us work full time, maybe we should just open a new school. Since our kids are also open enrolled and we both drive all day to get our kids to school, that sounds like an even better idea. We could build a school in our district, run it single handedly, hire all our friends, hire only the very best teachers, stealing them from the schools we like, of course, and pay them huge salaries. Hmmm, how can we make this work, and make this happen before next fall? Anyone want to grant us millions and millions of dollars?

Sometimes I wonder if I should have left my daughter in that nice small country school. Stuff happened and feelings got hurt and we moved on. She’s in a great district now, but it’s big and we have to move. Was it a good decision? I’ll never really know. I think she has definitely gotten smarter and is likely getting a better education. It is one of the best districts in this part of the state with one of the best athletic departments (although she hates sports). They awards millions in scholarship money every year that smaller schools don’t. But, she will also most likely graduate with over 800 other kids and won’t even know half of her class. I’m not a big fan of that. I’ll be lucky if I can get a picture of her when she crosses the stage. I graduated with 118 and knew every single kid. I really just want her to make great friends and have fun, while getting a good education. I hope she doesn’t lose touch with those kids she spent her first 3 years of school with though. We’ll only be 20 miles away.

Trigger Point Injections & other stuff

Today was another visit to the neurologist for trigger point injections. Oh joy, another 20 shots in the head, neck, and shoulders. It sure doesn’t feel great, but brings on tremendous relief for a few weeks. I have to do this every 6 weeks and I don’t even dread it anymore. After about 4 weeks it has really worn off and I wake up in the morning like someone is stabbing me in the back of the head, so I count the days until the shots. Today my doctor had squeezed me in since I cancelled due to our nasty weather last week. He was clearly running late, as he administered my shots like a Nascar pit crew. That’s fine. In and out is fine by me. I didn’t have anything else to discuss anyhow.

I’ve decided I am over people. Last Friday during after school pick-up, we had an “incident”. First I should set the stage for you. The teachers who monitor the kids getting in the cars, can only be described as ridiculously strict. Catholic nuns from the days of yore come to mind. They stand out there and wave there stupid arms for the parents to move forward, as if we don’t know what to do 5 months into the school year. Meanwhile, they are yelling at the kids to move further down the sidewalk to meet their parents in the cars. As if every car is going to end up at the end of the sidewalk. One day, one of the teachers yelled right in my daughter’s ear and hit her in the head with her arm!

Anywho… On Friday, my daughter was halfway in the car and a teacher pulled her OUT of the car, told her to walk further up the sidewalk, and motioned me to pull further ahead. Seriously?!?! When she got in the car, she was crying because the teacher shut the door and hit her arm. Needless to say, I was LIT UP! I drove into the parking lot and marched right up to that teacher and asked her name. She was reluctant to give it to me (likely because she knew she was going to get reported). I explained what she just did and of course she denied it and said she wasn’t in the car, that she just bent down to pick up her earmuffs. Well, I’m a big mouth and I was pretty much yelling at her. The policeman that is in the parking lot every day came up to ask what was wrong, because I was yelling so loud. Yep, apparently I’m that loud. Well, he told me he would check the video and call me. He called me minutes later and said he couldn’t see that she hit her arm, but I choose to believe my child. The officer did say that no teacher should ever put their hands on a child and that she certainly should have let her get in the car at that point and NOT pulled her out of the car. He said he would talk to the principal and have the teacher “coached”.

Today I pulled into the visitor parking lot to pick her up because I’m no longer waiting in that insanely long line for an extra 15 minutes just to get berated by those annoying teachers with their mechanical waving arms.

I’ve realized that overall people fall into only a couple categories: control freaks, jerks, or decent people. The vast majority of people you run into on a daily basis fall into the first 2 categories. I say this as far as being out in public, not people you actually know. I know a great number of genuinely decent people. Thank goodness! However, I do a lot of driving and waiting in lines, which puts me directly in the line of fire of the other 2 categories. Today at the clinic for example, their parking structure was atrocious. I got behind someone who kept waiting for people to back out of a spot. This is an impossible situation because there is no way to go around them. Finally someone behind me honked and the person moved along. (I’m not a honker.) Then they waited again and someone swooped in from the right and took the spot they were waiting for. That was so uncool. Ultimately we both ended up on the roof, which is what I knew would happen anyhow, so I just plan to go up there in the first place.

Same with the grocery store. Everyone has to cut in front of you to get in line. Then the cashier will close the line right in front of you. Happens.every.time. And the person who cut in front of you only has 10 things and should have gone to the self checkout anyhow. People, in general, drive me crazy sometimes.

I can count on 2 hands the people that are in my inner circle. My husband, my daughter, my mom’s husband (because my mom is deceased), my dad’s ex-wife, my dad’s former girlfriend, and a couple of friends. I don’t have many friends. My annoyance with people has only been in the last few weeks and is mostly because I’m having a hard time since my mom died. Every time I think it’s going to get better, it just seems to get worse. It’s been 4 months now, but still not easier.


This ‘n That

I woke up this morning to a pleasant sight in my backyard… the snow is almost entirely melted. However, there is a river running through my front yard. This is very strange weather we have around here. I know, we are never happy. I’m very much looking forward to complaining that it is too hot. Only 3 more months or so until spring, which will last approximately 6 days and then it will hot as blue blazes.

Today it was pouring as I was running errands. Exactly at the time I was leaving Target and running into the grocery store. Go figure. At least it had stopped by the time I left the grocery store. I only buy groceries every 2 weeks, so I had a pretty full cart. I appreciated not having to load my trunk in the rain. Let’s be grateful for the little things in life. Right?

When I got home, however, I was very much not grateful for the lady who bagged my groceries. She pretty much threw everything into the bags willy nilly. Literally threw them in. Glass jars of spaghetti sauce were thrown next to each other, luckily not broken. Raspberries were littered all over because the lids popped open. Things were on top of the meat that fortunately did not puncture the plastic. Squashed bread. I could go on and on, but I digress. I worked in a grocery store for quite a few years in college and after when I couldn’t find a good job. I know how to bag groceries with my eyes closed. That was a tragedy in grocery bagging.

Who watched the Super Bowl last night? Yawn. I didn’t even see any commercials I liked. But then again, I wasn’t really watching. I was reading my book. Can you say boring? BORING.

Well, let’s see if those kids can make it through a full week of school this week with no snow days. I’ll bet they are exhausted and needing a break by Wednesday. Either that or they will be so unruly, the teachers will be starting their count down to spring break already. Sorry teachers, Easter is a long ways away.


Warming Trend

Well, what do you know? Them temperature skyrocketed to 40 degrees today! That is a 63 degree change from two days ago. If you add in the -55 wind chill, that is a whopping 95 degree difference!!! Give me a freaking break! But there is no such thing as global warming. It is a sloppy disgusting mess outside because everything is melting. Surprisingly, I didn’t see anyone in shorts today. Because you know there are people who wear shorts every day, and those below zero temps seriously impeded their lifestyle. “Oh no, we have to wear pants!” I did see tons of people without jackets though. My daughter talked me into going out for frozen yogurt. Twist my arm.

Tomorrow is also supposed to be low 40’s and Monday 47. I guaranty I will see people in shorts. I would almost guess I would see a motorcycle or two, except for the sloppy, melting snow. Any true Harley dude would never take out his bike and get it all slopped up.

We’re not immune to cold weather around here, but it’s pretty rare when school get cancelled for two days in a row for the cold, plus another for snow. Cabin fever was seriously starting to kick in. I mean, trapped INSIDE with kids for 3 days? I was starting to feel like Johnny in The Shining. The struggle is real.

Now that we can go outside and do regular things again, life is good. Stay normal Mother Nature.