Migraine = ER Visit

Yesterday’s attempt at the step class and the resulting headache turned into a migraine that wouldn’t go away even after two Zomig’s. After suffering through the day and an excruciating drive for school pick-up, I wound up in the emergency room. Here’s the worst part… my husband was in Dallas on business. Ugh – double ugh. I was trying to figure out all day how to go to the ER with my 10 year old. I don’t like asking for help. I don’t know if I’m embarrassed to ask others to help me or if I just think I can do it all on my own. I kept thinking if I just laid down and fell asleep the headache would go away, but I had already taken two of my rescue medications and tried to lay down and it didn’t work. I eventually gave in and knew I had to go. I called my neighbor and she had to take one of her children to volleyball practice and was going to run some errands. I called another friend, who was luckily just about to leave work and said she would meet us in the ER. I packed up Hailey with her homework and off we went. I got checked in and Bonnie met us there an hour later.

Unfortunately, I was in the ER a full hour before they did anything to help me. With the parade of nurses, PA’s, and registration people coming in to talk to me first. Finally the guy came in to give me an IV. I hate the IV. I had to remove my sweatshirt and they didn’t give me a gown. They did give me one of those super thin blankets, but when the fluid goes into my arm, it always makes me start to freeze. I don’t know what’s in that fluid, but it must be made of ice. Within about 20 minutes, the migraine cocktail starting working and I started feeling better. Thank goodness. Sweet relief. After about an hour, I had to go to the bathroom so bad I thought I was going to pee my pants. (Another IV side effect.) I got up and searched the room – no call button. Seriously?! My bag of fluid was completely empty and there was tons of blood in my IV line. I tried to open my door to notify a nurse and my door will NOT open. OMG! I waved at the PA who happened to be standing at the nurses station and she came in and I told her about the blood in the line. Fortunately that was normal when the IV bag is empty. Whew! I watch too much Grey’s Anatomy. She sent the nurse in to take it out and I RAN to the bathroom. Then I got sprung and went to get my daughter.

Thank goodness for my friend Bonnie. Her husband and my husband have been friends since grade school. Therefore, we have been friends for about 23 years. Her daughters have babysat for my daughter. She took Hailey out to dinner, she played with their puppy, and they had a grand old time together. I’m very grateful for good friends.

Another New Workout Attempt

In my ongoing quest to find a new gym, this week I am trying another club. Today I tried a step class. I have always enjoyed step classes because I enjoy the choreographed routines that are almost like dance routines. I have clearly forgotten that is has been at least 15 year since I have taken a step class. I don’t think it was so much that it was hard, but the room where it was held was extremely hot. It was like a damn hot yoga studio! It had a wall of windows that faced the sun at 9:00 in the morning. The sun was beating in and they only had on a couple fans. Of course, I chose today to wear pants, rather than shorts. Every time I wear shorts, I feel like everyone is looking at me all weird with my legs that go up to my armpits. I’m sorry I’m tall. They look at me like I don’t have the appropriate “gym wardrobe”. Today I wore the stupid pants. Big mistake! I was roasting. My first thought as I walked into that room was “who the hell built this?” As the instructor started the class, she greeted those of us that were new and said “I may be a little bit mean today, I had a bad weekend”. Terrific. The moves weren’t difficult as I have done step classes before. I must have been going full speed ahead because 30 minutes into the class my head was pounding and my face looked like a tomato. As a chronic migraine sufferer, if I join this club and opt to do this class again, I  had better tone it down a bit. I am now drinking gallons of water to combat the impending headache. Before I head to the shower, I think I will go clean up my flower beds as they are rapidly dying with the onset of the cool fall weather. (Translation: they look like crap.)