Gym Lockout

I’m an unhappy parent. Yesterday during gym class, my daughter got locked out of the school. I’d like to strangle her gym teacher right now. Here’s what happened…

Apparently, the teacher told the kids they were going to go outside for gym. This was her first mistake because it was extremely windy yesterday and a really dumb idea to take them outside. Also, they had already changed into they gym clothes. She sent them back into the locker room to change back into their regular clothes. Then sent them to their lockers to get their jackets. My daughter dilly dallied a little too much, along with a friend, getting back to the gym with their jackets. Apparently so did 2 other girls. The other 2 girls poked their heads in the gym and said the gym was empty. My daughter and her friend Addison realized the class must have already gone outside, so they walked out the door and looked for their class. However, no one was outside! Evidently, the teacher had decided it was too windy out and brought the class back inside. (She’s clearly a genius.) They had come in a different door than my daughter and her friend went out, so they didn’t cross paths. The girls tried the door they went out to get back inside and it was locked. They tried another door, but it was also locked. For safety reasons, all outside doors are locked at all times. Now they started to freak out a little bit. They went to the playground and sat down hoping the teacher would eventually poke her head out looking for them. Well, luckily she finally did after 5 or 6 minutes. I shudder to think of what would have happened if a stranger would have happened onto the playground and found these girls sitting there alone with no adult. I can’t even think about it. Shame on that teacher for taking the class outside without her entire class present! The really sad part is that she has done this numerous times according to my daughter.

I tried to call the principal today to discuss this matter with her. I called her at 11:30 this morning. As of the end of the school day, she did not return my call, which makes me entirely pissed off. I briefly explained the situation on her voice mail, explaining that my daughter got locked out of the school during gym because the teacher went outside without the entire class, etc. I realize principal’s are very busy during a school day, but if a parent calls to tell you her child got locked outside unsupervised, I kind of think she better return that call.

Geez, some days it’s hard enough to send your kid to school. Now I wonder if I should just spend my days sitting in the parking lot in case she gets accidentally locked out by her gym teacher.