Concert Tickets

Today I tried to buy tickets to a Rolling Stones concert. I logged on to Ticketmaster and was entered into a “waiting room”. That was a first, I’ve never seen that before. Well, there were 2,000+ people in line ahead of me. Terrific. So, I waited, and waited, and waited in a virtual waiting line. I guess it was better than a real waiting line. It took an hour before I was at the head of the line.

It was finally my turn. Hooray! I hope all the good seats aren’t gone. I realize I don’t have my pre-sale code, so I run full-tilt into my den to find it. Run back and log on. Only to find out that the decent seats are priced at the low, low price of… wait for it… $395.50. Oh, hell no! All the way across the stadium, in the third row off the field were a couple seats for $275. But, by the time you pay the fees, two tickets would be well over $600. Plus hotel, that’s a $1,000 concert. Nope. No can doosville. The cheap seats were even $150.

Seriously, haven’t the Stones made enough money at this point that they don’t have to charge these gigantic prices for tickets? They’ve been touring since before I was born. I think they are pretty much set for life, and so are all their kids, and grandkids for that matter. They could take a lesson from Garth Brooks who did his entire tour two years ago where every seat was something like $65. I don’t remember the actual price, but I had a kick ass seat for not very much money.

Anyhow, I digress. In other news, I saw the weirdest thing in the locker room at the gym today that I can’t resist sharing. It was one of those things that you can’t help staring at, and you just can’t look away. I was getting dressed and ready to leave. This woman near me had taken off her tennis shoes and put on some boots to go outside. Then I watched her take an alcohol wipe and wipe off the bottom of her tennis shoes. OK, not terribly weird. She was putting them into a bag. Maybe she just didn’t want to get the bag dirty. I get it. But… then she took the same wipe and wiped off the boots she had just put on her feet! She was going OUTSIDE! Into the slush and snow! They are going to get dirty!!!!! I’m sorry, that’s a little bit strange. Oh well, who am I to judge. Her house is probably super clean. Much cleaner than mine.