Another New Workout Attempt

In my ongoing quest to find a new gym, this week I am trying another club. Today I tried a step class. I have always enjoyed step classes because I enjoy the choreographed routines that are almost like dance routines. I have clearly forgotten that is has been at least 15 year since I have taken a step class. I don’t think it was so much that it was hard, but the room where it was held was extremely hot. It was like a damn hot yoga studio! It had a wall of windows that faced the sun at 9:00 in the morning. The sun was beating in and they only had on a couple fans. Of course, I chose today to wear pants, rather than shorts. Every time I wear shorts, I feel like everyone is looking at me all weird with my legs that go up to my armpits. I’m sorry I’m tall. They look at me like I don’t have the appropriate “gym wardrobe”. Today I wore the stupid pants. Big mistake! I was roasting. My first thought as I walked into that room was “who the hell built this?” As the instructor started the class, she greeted those of us that were new and said “I may be a little bit mean today, I had a bad weekend”. Terrific. The moves weren’t difficult as I have done step classes before. I must have been going full speed ahead because 30 minutes into the class my head was pounding and my face looked like a tomato. As a chronic migraine sufferer, if I join this club and opt to do this class again, I  had better tone it down a bit. I am now drinking gallons of water to combat the impending headache. Before I head to the shower, I think I will go clean up my flower beds as they are rapidly dying with the onset of the cool fall weather. (Translation: they look like crap.)

Fall – Back to Routine

Fall always seems like the unofficial start of the new year. Back to school is the biggest adjustment after a full summer of sleeping in. It’s always a challenge to make the giant leap into getting up early. Of course, middle school has started for us, so this year it means getting up a whole hour early. This isn’t exactly my cup of tea. Going into the third week, I’m hoping I start getting better at it.

Another fall routine is getting back to the gym. As I have mentioned, I was looking for a new gym. The one I tried wasn’t great, so this week I’m going back to my regular gym.  I’m going to try a few new classes and try to work out the timing so I can go right after school drop-off. The manager gave me a complimentary trial of a new boot camp on Wednesday. I’m not thrilled with the name “boot camp”, but we’ll see how it goes. I expect to be sore by mid-week.

One of our other fall routines is getting back to church on a regular basis. We are admittedly not great about this during the summer. Our church changes their schedule over the summer and only offers one early service. Remember what I said about sleeping in during the summer? Yeah, we never make it to church. Although, I don’t think many people do. Last week was Rally Day, when everyone comes back together and they go back to two services – early and late. We prefer the later service at 10:45. I have to say, I don’t know if it’s harder to rally my daughter to get her off to Sunday school, or to get my husband motivated to go to church. He was one of those kids who was forced to go to church, so he doesn’t always like to go. I like to go listen to the message, and I think it’s important for our daughter. Today I had a really proud mom moment. When my husband dropped our daughter off for Sunday school, he forgot to give her a couple bucks for the offering. She realized she had $1 in her purse, so she threw it in when the offering came around. What a grown-up thing to do. It brings tears to my eyes that she was so thoughtful. Most kids would just skip it. I’m so proud of her! Church is also particularly important to us right now as we have a lot to pray for. My husband’s former boss has stage 4 kidney cancer. He recently had surgery and has several lymph nodes near his heart they were unable to remove. With several setbacks, and only retired for a few years, we are very concerned about him. Yesterday we found out about a woman who has been like a mother to me, was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. She will be facing chemo in a few weeks when she heals from her recent surgery and we pray for her healing. We are also praying that we will sell our home for a fair price next spring and afford the house we plan to build without a strain on our finances. We have a lot on our minds right now.

Fall is a time of many changes and can sometimes be depressing knowing that winter is right around the corner. I pray fall goes well for all of you that are reading my blog. Thank you for your support.