Nothing like a good Facebook bullying to really make your day. Last night someone called me out on Facebook because she found out that I had mentioned her (not by name) a month ago on this blog as asking her to create a gift for me and it didn’t come to fruition. I wrote a very brief paragraph and apparently it was perceived as “talking shit” about her. Well, first of all, I have numerous crafty friends, so I don’t know how anyone would have known it was her I was talking about. I should have gone with the cardinal rule of “admit nothing”. I could have been referring to virtually anyone. I have a friend several states away I could have been talking about. I never even referred specifically to the item. Well, she got in a tizzy and called me out on Facebook (not by name), but I piped up and defended myself because I am a hothead and am not going to sit by while everyone writes posts about what a bitch I am, etc, etc. Then it got all blown out of proportion and holy crap.

It really was all a misunderstanding. She was apparently trying to find the perfect supplies for what she was making for me, but she didn’t reach out to tell me such. Meanwhile, I was wondering what was taking so long because she hadn’t communicated with me. I was worried it wouldn’t get to the recipient on time because mail is always so slow during the holidays. I am sincerely sorry I hurt her feelings. My blog posts are always generalized and I never use names because I want to be anonymous. I have used names of my daughters friends because I don’t know any of her friends parents. When or if I do, I would change the names.

Anywho… I was accused of some pretty awful things that really hurt my feelings and I lost a lot of sleep, not to mention waking up with a migraine. She said “sorry I’m not perfect like you”, “wish I had all day to sit around and craft”, “would love to drive 40 minutes to school”. Really? Who loves driving 40 minutes back and forth to school twice per day? If you really did it, I’ll bet you wouldn’t love it. And when there’s an activity and you have to do it a third time in a day. Nope, not fun. That’s 120 minutes in one day. If my math is correct, that 2 hours in the car in one day. You wonder why I’m moving. Wait until she’s in sports and I have to do it 4 times in one day. Uh uh, not gonna happen. Also, I don’t sit around and craft all day. Haven’t crafted in several years. I do scrapbook when I have time. I am waaaaaay behind, so I’ll go slam out 10 pages at a time when time allows. But they aren’t cutsie pages like they used to be. I’ll slap a bunch of pictures on a cute piece of paper and a few stickers. The first few years of scrapbooks used to be super cute, but now the object is to just get them done. I just don’t have time. I get the impression this girl thinks I’m some sort of princess, which is why I don’t work. The real reason is that I have medical issues. I have chronic migraines, fibromyalgia and a few other issues. I had my daughter at 40 and I did go back to work, but she got sick her first week in daycare. We traded it back and forth for 3 or 4 months and she was on an inhaler at 3 months old. I wasn’t cool with that. One morning getting ready for work, I was so exhausted, I sat down at the end of my bed, looked at my husband with tears in my eyes after being up to breastfeed who knows how many times and said “I can’t do this anymore”. I was NOT the woman who thought I could do it all. Not even close. I went in to work that day and said “I need a leave of absence or today is my last day”. They gave me 6 weeks off and during that time, my daughter and I both got healthy, we figured out our finances, and I decided not to return to work. It was the best decision I ever made. Although I have some chronic health issues, I am able to manage them much better not working. I had a headache every single day when I worked. Now they are manageable. My health has improved since I started working out – both the migraines and the fibro. Life is better than it was when I was working. Yes, our finances could be better, but when I was working, I was giving it all to daycare and paying for parking in the area I worked anyhow, so we weren’t coming out ahead by much, and my health was suffering.

I think this person views me as what she sees on Facebook. She doesn’t know the real me. We only ever put our best face forward on Facebook. Very few people put their raw selves out there. No one shows their bratty kids on Facebook. Facebook ought to be called Bragbook. All anyone does is brag about their life. I’m having a real hard time this week because this weekend last year was the last time I ever saw my mom alive. Had I known that I would have held on a lot tighter. She has only been gone 3 months and it’s all pretty raw still. Every little slight seems much bigger to me right now. I don’t have many friends, so I don’t have anyone to turn to anymore.

I really think when you don’t know someone well, you need to think before you speak or write something on Facebook. You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. I realize I should have thought first before I wrote the paragraph I wrote as well, but I didn’t direct it specifically at anyone who I knew would read it. She knew I would read her Facebook post. Words hurt.

Refrigerator Saga

The refrigerator saga just keeps getting better and better. Yesterday afternoon when I called LG, they gave me the names of two service providers to call. I was a little surprised that I had to make the calls myself. Any other time I have needed service for an appliance, the company has directly made an appointment with me and sent out the repairman. I called the two numbers he gave me and got voice mails for both. Not a good sign. Neither of them returned my call as of 5:00. One of them did call me back after 5:00. However, they don’t service my area. Shocker! I had to call the other one back this morning, as they still hadn’t returned my call by 10:00. She called me back and apparently thinks I’m a real sucker. $500-$600 for labor if it’s the compressor. Up to $700 for labor if it’s the evaporator. Really? How much if it’s the flibberdegibit? Luckily, the parts are still under warranty. LG provides a 10 warranty on the compressor because the KNOW it’s going to bad. Geez, how about you just make it NOT go bad. Hmmm? How would that be?

I called LG back to find another provider and they have an opening next week. Grrrr, NEXT WEEK! Oh well, thankfully I do have another refrigerator. I’m not eating out of a cooler. And they aren’t going to rip me off. It’s a $125 service call just to walk in the door. Not a fan of that, but labor is only $250 for the whole thing, whether it’s the compressor, evaporator or flibberdegibit. We figure if they try to rip us off, we’ll tell them to take the fridge with them and we’ll bring the garage fridge in the house and sell that one with the house. It works perfectly fine. I just decided I wanted a new one 6 years ago. Should have kept the old one. So much for fancy new ones.

This morning was quite interesting with the number of trips in and out to the garage however. It was a balancing act with how much we could carry in and out for breakfast. I carried out my measuring cup for my coconut milk. Then carried that in along with strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. I almost lost the strawberries on the way in because I forgot to calculate an extra hand to open the door. When I took that back out, I brought in the milk for cereal. Then there was a trip out to get lunch making supplies. Another to take some things back. I stopped counting trips in and out at five. Dinner should be another story. It is so packed out there, I don’t even know what’s all out there. Maybe we should just eat out or order pizza all week. I’m sure my family would be on board with that.

Manic Monday

You know that song “Manic Monday”? Well, it really sums up my day today. I heard that song at 8:05 and I was like “yep, that’s my day”. And literally, by 7:00 a.m., my day was off to a bad start. I got up at 6:30 a.m. I got dressed in my workout clothes, with good intentions of getting in a workout before I headed to the grocery store. I headed downstairs to make my morning smoothie. I opened the refrigerator and it opened a little too easily. I grabbed my pitcher of water and it was warm. Oh no! I think one of the door was left open overnight. I felt around and everything was warm. Crap! We have a double door fridge with the freezer on the bottom. I was pretty sure the food in the freezer was alright, but didn’t check carefully.

Luckily, we have a refrigerator in the garage. Thank the Lord! I’m also thankful that since today was my shopping day, I was mostly out of groceries. If this happened tomorrow after I bought 2 weeks worth of groceries, I would be really upset. I only shop every 2 weeks, so a full fridge full of ruined groceries AND having to go shopping all over again… UGH! Well, I had more coconut milk in the garage, so I was still able to make my smoothie. I chanced it with the fruit and used it. I made toast for my daughter because I didn’t want her to use the milk for her cereal.

After I turned off my blender, I heard my daughter crying from upstairs. She was leaning over the loft and said that one of our cats peed on her sleeping bag. Oh, good grief! She got a new sleeping bag from Santa and has been sleeping in it on top of her bed. The cat was laying on it while she was getting ready for school and all of a sudden, she peed on it! Terrific! My husband brought it down and I threw it in the wash. Now I have to schedule a vet appointment ASAP and figure out if something is wrong.

Let’s review… a refrigerator full of warm, spoiled food and a cat peeing on a sleeping bag – all BEFORE 7:00 a.m. I am not a happy camper!!!! I am too old for this. Needless to say, I didn’t make it to the gym.

My daughter and I left a full 5 minutes late for school after this morning trauma. 5 minutes is a lot when you have a 20 minute drive. I drove like a maniac to get her there on time. Thank goodness for country roads, good weather, and no cops. I dropped her off and wished her a better day.

I proceeded to Target and the grocery store. Even though I bought enough groceries to refill the fridge, I decided to get a pizza for dinner. I am so not in the mood to cook tonight. I got home, unloaded 10 bags of groceries into the house, open the fridge and it’s still warm!!!! 4-1/2 hours later, it’s still warm! OMG! And everything in the freezer is warm too. My daughter’s precious frozen Italian Ice is now slush. It is not working. My husband came home from work and cleaned the back of it. I took the newly bought groceries out to the garage fridge, and took out everything salvageable from inside and took it to the garage fridge and threw out the rest. It took a full hour. Now I’m waiting to see if the temperature comes up. Otherwise I’m going to have to call for service. This refrigerator is only about 3 or 4 years old. If we need to repair or replace anything else before we sell this place, I will totally lose it. At least with all the stuff we have replaced, everything is new. Someone will get a smokin’ deal.

I am very grateful we have that garage refrigerator. We would be sunk without it. I’m trying to find the silver lining.

Casino Night

My husband had his holiday party at work last night. They delay it until January every year, which is kind of nice because everyone is too busy to fit in another party in December. Plus it give us something to do on the dull, cold nights of January. They do a casino night and it’s adults only. Also fun because it gives us an excuse to hire a sitter and have a night out. They have an excellent chef at his office and they serve “heavy appetizers”. If you call chicken wings, ribs, ravioli, meatballs, veggies & dip, turkey wraps, taco dip, shrimp, and guacamole & chips appetizers… I call it a meal. I was stuffed by the time I was done. I never did see the dessert table.

The casino area was just like a regular casino, with a DJ. We were given 10 tickets to turn in for chips. One ticket got us $100 worth of chips. Throughout the night the DJ would call out that if you danced to the next song, you would get $100 in chips. My husband was embarrassed by my dancing. I don’t get out much. We played roulette all night. Not a game I would ever dare to play with real money. I played my birthdate and my mom’s birthdate each time, amongst a few other numbers. My mom’s birthdate hit 4 times!! Another indication my mom is always with me. My birthdate also hit a few times too. Of course I hooted and hollered and jumped up and down each time I won. The dealer asked if by chance I was ever a cheerleader. Ha ha! Yes, of course I was. How can you tell? I ended up turning $200 worth of chips into over $1,000. Too bad it wasn’t real money. At the end, you turn your chips in for tickets. Then the tickets go into buckets for some really great prizes.

While we were waiting for the drawing, I sat down next to an older gentleman who works part time. He is 81 years old. He was such a sweet old guy. He is just working one day a week for something to do. We talked for a good long time. He had a U.S. Army hat on, so I asked him about it. He was drafted 2 days after he graduated from high school and said he was scared to death and so were his parents. He got sent to Korea. The first day he had to dig a 6×6 foot hole and crawl in at night. They rolled a tank over it and he couldn’t get out until 7:00 the next morning because it was the safest place for them. Oh, I couldn’t even imagine that! He told me his troop had 67 men and only 14 of them returned. How awful! I thanked him for his service. What a brave young man he was at 18 years old. He shook my hand when he left for the night and I told him to take care of himself. He really touched my heart.

It was a nice night to get out and have some fun and talk to people I don’t see often.



Gym Lockout

I’m an unhappy parent. Yesterday during gym class, my daughter got locked out of the school. I’d like to strangle her gym teacher right now. Here’s what happened…

Apparently, the teacher told the kids they were going to go outside for gym. This was her first mistake because it was extremely windy yesterday and a really dumb idea to take them outside. Also, they had already changed into they gym clothes. She sent them back into the locker room to change back into their regular clothes. Then sent them to their lockers to get their jackets. My daughter dilly dallied a little too much, along with a friend, getting back to the gym with their jackets. Apparently so did 2 other girls. The other 2 girls poked their heads in the gym and said the gym was empty. My daughter and her friend Addison realized the class must have already gone outside, so they walked out the door and looked for their class. However, no one was outside! Evidently, the teacher had decided it was too windy out and brought the class back inside. (She’s clearly a genius.) They had come in a different door than my daughter and her friend went out, so they didn’t cross paths. The girls tried the door they went out to get back inside and it was locked. They tried another door, but it was also locked. For safety reasons, all outside doors are locked at all times. Now they started to freak out a little bit. They went to the playground and sat down hoping the teacher would eventually poke her head out looking for them. Well, luckily she finally did after 5 or 6 minutes. I shudder to think of what would have happened if a stranger would have happened onto the playground and found these girls sitting there alone with no adult. I can’t even think about it. Shame on that teacher for taking the class outside without her entire class present! The really sad part is that she has done this numerous times according to my daughter.

I tried to call the principal today to discuss this matter with her. I called her at 11:30 this morning. As of the end of the school day, she did not return my call, which makes me entirely pissed off. I briefly explained the situation on her voice mail, explaining that my daughter got locked out of the school during gym because the teacher went outside without the entire class, etc. I realize principal’s are very busy during a school day, but if a parent calls to tell you her child got locked outside unsupervised, I kind of think she better return that call.

Geez, some days it’s hard enough to send your kid to school. Now I wonder if I should just spend my days sitting in the parking lot in case she gets accidentally locked out by her gym teacher.

Overcrowded Gym

I went to the gym today for the first time since the new year. You can certainly tell that everyone made a resolution to get fit. It was extremely overcrowded. I was walking on the track and I think every treadmill was taken. Thank goodness I hate treadmills, so they can have them. The pool was a sea of bodies bobbing up and down. They cleaned it over Christmas and it was closed for 2 weeks. I’m taking bets on how soon until there will be a band-aid floating around and any other unknown disgusting item that ends up in the pool. And try to get a shower… forget it. I also thought it was amusing when I checked in and there is a new sign on the desk with a scanner for members to check ourselves in. Really? Now the crabby ladies behind the desk literally have nothing to do except fold towels. They may as well just hire robots.

I probably over-did it a little. I had an appointment with my trainer, then I walked for a half hour, then I did an aqua cardio class for 45 minutes. As Banya said on the Seinfeld show when he gave Jerry his jacket, “yep, I’m huge”. Ha ha! Well, far from it, but it’s time to get back on track after a few months of not doing much. My workouts lately have consisted of cleaning the house. After busting my butt today, I’m taking the rest of the day off.

Massive Cleaning

The new year has started off with some massive house cleaning. I’ve been working room by room trying to clean out all the stuff we don’t need any longer. I’ve been on a spree of getting rid of stuff. If it’s not nailed down, it’s gone. Our garbage man is going to love us this week. We also have lots and lots of unneeded stuff for a summer rummage sale. Here’s the bad part… I think we are going to end up actually moving all the stuff for the rummage sale. I’m not sure we will still live here when it is warm enough for a sale. I really hate to move all that stuff. But, given the option, I would rather move it than still be waiting for the house to sell come summer.

Yesterday I spent 3-1/2 hours on my daughter’s bedroom while she was at school. She is a major packrat. She must get this from her grandma. She keeps every little scrap of paper if she only uses part of it for a project. I appreciate that she doesn’t want to waste it, but seriously, she doesn’t need to keep a 2×2 inch piece of paper. She has enough crayons, colored pencils, markers, and notepads to supply Office Max. She also has a collection of Shopkins, squishies, bouncy balls, and marbles. Try to pry any of them out of her hands. I dare you. I cleared out all the junk and put the rest in a giant pile for us to sort through together. Today we went through the pile and she was pretty good about getting rid of things she doesn’t play with anymore. I had to twist her arm on a few items, but overall, she was very mature.

All I have left is the master bedroom and the storage area in the basement. Everything else is done. I’ve been a real whirlwind around here over the last 7 days. Now it just has to stay this clean! That’s the hard part.