Aqua Cardio

Today I went to my ultra most favorite class at the gym – Aqua Cardio. If only it started a little earlier than 11:45. I was ready to chew off my hand by 12:15. It is taught by Dalfim, one of the fitness pros. He is 35 and in awesome shape. He is one of those guys that does stuff like the Ironman and something called “The Suck”. He travels all over to do these things. He’s not bulky and huge, but he could squash you like a grape. And he’s a super nice guy. I’d love to use him as a trainer, but I think he would kill me. He plays awesome music and really gets into it. When he played “Macho Man”, he was jumping all over the place. He throws his styrofoam weights in the air, and best of all, he actually does the workout with us. Most of the instructors show us the exercise, then just stand there until it’s time to change to a different move. That’s annoying. He’s sweating right along with us.

Today when we were doing the “Twist”, I saw some of the older ladies across the pool checking out Dalfim’s butt. And when he was jumping around to “Macho Man”, they were actually giddy. Those old ladies were really checking out the menu. You know that McDonald’s commercial when the old lady is knitting the landscaper a sweater? That’s what these ladies remind me of. Oh well, they can look, they aren’t dead.

At one point, a very skinny older gentleman with a very hairy chest walked out of the men’s locker room and started dancing to the music as he walked to the hot tub. It was hysterical! I love that he did that in front of 2 pools full of women! Hilarious! About 10 minutes later, he caught my eye walking back getting down to another song. OMG! I threw my arms out of the water, clapped and cheered for him.

At the end of class, the lady I was talking to suddenly lost an earring. About 5 of us were trying to help her find it. She got her toe on it, but couldn’t get it. Of course, no one wanted to get their hair wet. We tried to get it with a net, but it was too flat. Finally, a man with some goggles came and tried to dive for it. At first he did nothing but float, so she dragged it with her toe to the shallow end, and he was able to get it. I’ve never had so much excitement in a pool class before. What a day!

Aqua Tabata

I finally got back to one of my favorite aqua classes at the gym today – Aqua Tabata. My husband took our daughter to school today so I could attend the class. This class doesn’t begin until 10:00, and since I don’t feel like hanging around the gym for 2 hours after school drop-off, I think Tuesday’s may be one of the days I have him drop her off. It’s a great workout and I know a number of people in the class. It was however, an interesting day to get back there for the first time. Let me tell you why…

First of all, the instructor couldn’t get the music to work. Apparently they got a new system and she couldn’t sync her phone with it. Zero music. We weren’t sure if someone should start singing or what. It was pretty hysterical and made for a much longer class because you just can’t exercise without music. There is one lady who is normally at all these classes who sings to EVERY song, in an opera voice no less. Where was she when we needed music? Although we didn’t need music quite that bad.

Then, there was this woman across from us who was making these very strange faces. (There are 2 pools facing each other and the instructor stands on the deck.) I think this woman was breathing in and out through her mouth, but she was making a circle with her mouth like she was trying to hold onto a Cheerio instead of just breathing normally. She sort of looked like she either had a mouth full of water, or looked like she was going to throw up. Maybe she was just trying really hard not to get wrinkles.

Of course, the instructor is young enough to be my daughter and in tip-top shape. She is 24. She is also my trainer, so she is expecting me to sign up for another session any day now. I told her I need to figure out my schedule of school drop offs and what classes I like and I’ll let her know. That ought to hold her off for a week or so! I still have 6 sessions that I bought last November to use up. I won’t let them go to waste because they were expensive. Just gotta get back on the horse.

Nonetheless, it’s a great workout. Using weights in the water is harder than you may think and is very good for the arms. Hopefully my giggly arms that are starting to look like my grandma’s will go away soon, as I get back into my regular routine. 3 months off is not ideal. I’m not trying to rip on anyone at the gym. I’m glad that they are there trying to improve themselves. I’m just making an observation. I’m fairly certain there is plenty about me for others to critique as well. Yesterday in that Body Shred class, I felt pretty stupid that the 60 year old ladies were in better shape than me. Tomorrow I’m going to try the boot camp. Ugh, I shudder at the sheer thought of what I am in for.

All is well at school

Well, the Associate Principal returned my call just as I was walking out the door for school pick-up today. He completely understood all the issues the 5th graders are facing as new students. He also has a daughter with a summer birthday and understands being one of the younger kids in the class, and how being a little on the immature side can make every frustration seems a whole lot bigger. I was grateful he shared this perspective because it’s not easy. He told me that they are having conversations with the 5th graders to help them acclimate, so hopefully those will happen soon. He told me to assure her that she will not be counted as tardy if she walks into class late after using the restroom. (I already told her that last night, but why listen to good old mom?!) I told her I would time her today after school to see how long it takes her in the bathroom, as I know it only takes her a minute. It took less than a minute!! Ha ha! Oh my! The things we all take for granted that we don’t have to worry about as adults. It makes me feel soooo bad that these kinds of worries even have to cross her mind. Also, when I picked her up today, she said she had a much better day today than yesterday. Thank goodness!

As far as my quest to try out this new gym, I tried another water aerobics class today. While I enjoyed the workout, I did not enjoy the choice of music by the instructor. She played Doris Day, Frank Sinatra, and Patsy Cline! Really? Not exactly pump-you-up, motivating, workout kind of music. Also, I’m not 80. Luckily, I didn’t fall asleep in the pool and drown. Patsy Cline is what my grandma used to listen to, who, bless her heart would be 98 if she were still alive. I don’t think I’m going to join that particular club. I think I’m going to stick where I am for now.

A New Busy Week

Aaaand it’s Monday again. Another busy week ahead. After a 3 month hiatus from the gym, it was time to get back to it. I take summers off because I am too busy chasing around my daughter, but boy, can I feel the difference! I am looking for a new gym. My old gym lost their best class instructor almost a year ago and hasn’t replaced him. It’s a total bummer and although I have asked a number of times, they don’t appear to be making much effort to replace him – or the many classes he taught. Time to move on! Soooo, today I tried a water aerobics class at a new gym and it was just alright. Very good workout – my sore arms are proof of that. The class only had 5 older women, so it was not what I am used to, which is a class of usually 50 people in 2 large pools. The average age of the ladies today was about 65 and they were all staring at me. I could feel their eyes on me as I walked in. “Who’s the chippy in the bikini?”, I could imagine them thinking. At least they made me feel young! Of course, I had seen another woman a few years younger than me (maybe, maybe not) in the locker room giving me the up down. A few moments later, I saw her come into the pool, presumably to swim laps, in a one piece with the bottom hiked up her backside. You see it all in the gym.

Today the landscapers were here to fix the yard that got torn up when our septic tank was replaced. Hopefully this is our final home repair of the year.

Tonight is the first PTO meeting of the school year. Tomorrow I’m going to try a kickboxing class. I’ll be lucky if I make it 15 minutes. Stay tuned…